So Max Domi Went Off The Rails Last Night. UPDATE: Suspended The Rest of Preseason.


I can guarantee you that’s something Alex Galchenyuk would never do. Max Domi took the ice for the Canadiens looking to not only make an impact, but make an impression. Was this gutless? I’d say so. It’s a preseason game and Ekblad didn’t want to go. I’m a big fan of the glove on punch, it lets the opposition know you mean business and at the same time emasculates them. If the player doesn’t give you the green light, at the very least you made them look like this biggest Nancy on the ice. Should Max have gone full psycho on Ekblad? Probably not. Like I said, its preseason, chill out a bit. At the end of the day, if you’re Aaron Ekblad, you HAVE to protect yourself out there. This isn’t the first time a Max Domi punch has devastated an opponent.


Am I saying this is just as much on Ekblad as it is on Domi? No, but I could see how someone could argue that opinion. Jonathan Drouin certainly thought so.

“The two were arguing with one another,” Jonathan Drouin said. “I saw a pretty big slash from Ekblad on Max, and Max just took matters into his own hands. It’s also Ekblad’s fault for not protecting himself.”

I think Max will get a few games, there’s no way he doesn’t.



It was a dirty play and I’m sure he’ll learn from it. I’m sure some will and some won’t agree with that statement but something we can get behind is the next time the Canadiens play the Panthers. December 28, mark it down on your calendars.



Author: Ked

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