Top Three Fantasy Players That Will Go Under The Radar

It’s that time of the year again where we dedicate a night to draft are NHL Fantasy team. Now I’m not saying I am an expert or anything but I’ve won my league two years in a row and I can’t remember a time where I didn’t crack the semi finals. The difference maker on every successful team are the players that nobody pays attention to because they aren’t flashy or they are just considered a compliment to the star players. But anyways, Papa is here to give you three players that always go under the radar and could be the difference maker in your league.


Jaden Schwartz, St. Louis Blues

Jaden is my favorite player in the NHL. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. I love watching him play especially when he’s playing with Tarasenko. Schwartz hovers around 20 goals and is good for at least 30 assists. He is a guy that brings it every night and is reliable for a consistent point guy for player that you might consider in a later round. Jaden was ranked the second most under-rated player in the league behind Barkov (I didn’t know Barkov was under-rated by the way) by the NHL players. Pick him up if he goes undrafted. Trust me, it’s worth it.



Pavel Buchnevich, New York Rangers

I don’t have the numbers to back this one up. This is more of a hunch. Pavel will be allowed to play hockey for the first time in his NHL career. AV hated this guy and I was always puzzled why. Probably because AV was a fucking idiot. Whenever this guy scored, he was benched or thrown to the fourth line. Now that Quinn has taken over, I think Buch will have a great year. My prediction is that he will hit 30 goals and contribute around 35 assists. This kid can play and has a nose for the net. The only thing that makes me nervous is that he is a little soft sometimes, but I really do think that AV was in this kids head. Now that the asshole is out of the picture, truly expect great things as Buchnevich can have fun playing hockey in New York.



Kyle Connor, Winnipeg Jets

Last year Connor hit the 30 goal mark (57 points) for the Jets. I don’t think this was a rookie fluke. He is a tremendous player and has plenty of all-star talent around him for him to learn from. Laine, Wheeler, Scheifele, and Ehlers all had more points which goes to show you how deep this team is up front. This depth only helps Connor as he won’t be targeted and will hopefully feel more comfortable playing against other teams 2nd line. I don’t believe there will be a sophomore slump for Connor. He will hit 30 goals once again and I expect him to hit 70 point mark as the Jets dominate the West once again.

Goodluck this year in all your fantasy leagues. I am in 3 this year and cannot wait to get the drafts going and dominate my friends as I always do!


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