I Would Pay Money To Be Able To Listen To Players Mic’d Up


I really wish it was an option to pay a yearly subscription to hear my favorite players mic’d up. Obviously that will never happen, but how cool would that be? The arguments with the ref, the chirps before a fight, and the self-cursing that goes on after a missed opportunity would be pure gold.

Here is a tweet from @ginohard_ that captured PK Subban chirping in Colorado’s Zadorov’s ear after battling all night. I guess the audio was added after the fact, but still always fun to see little glimpses to the life on the ice in the NHL.

I know there are a million little clips like this, but imagine being able to hear a whole games worth? It would be awesome….Hey, if Fox can make the puck glow like a laser beam across the tv screen, than the NHL can find a way to mic some of these guys up permanently. I don’t even care if I’m the only one with access to the content. If Uber can invade privacy, than so can Papa…..I’m kidding btw….sort of.


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