Rivalry Night: Quinn, Papa, And The Boys Look To End The Barclays Curse

The New York Rangers are ready to play against the New York Islanders tonight at the Barclays Center. It is a building they never won in. Until tonight. Papa, along with the Rangers, are set to do battle and finally shake this stupid monkey off our back.s The New York Rangers are 1-11-0 since the Islanders moved to Brooklyn and Papa is sick of it. That is why I’m taking the reigns here and taking the two points back to Manhattan myself.


People who aren’t local fans of the Rangers, Islanders, or Devils must realize that despite the record of any of the three teams, these are must win games. It’s about pride and honestly, the rivalry has lost a lot since the season series have been dominated by the New York Islanders since they moved to Brooklyn. But this changes tonight. I’m not having this anymore and from here on out the Barclays Center belongs to Coach Quinn, the kids, and Papa. Let’s fucking do this boys!


In all seriousness though, this will be a great match up. Both teams are over achieving. Both teams are being led by great young talent. The Rangers and Islanders have bright futures ahead. This will be the first rivalry night for the new coaches (Quinn and Trotz) and a lot of the new younger players. I hope a new wave of battles start tonight as the two teams continue to gobble up points and surprise the hockey world.

I will also have a breakdown of the game on the Betting Crashers Podcast tonight (released tomorrow). Also, rule number 23. When going to a game, always bet the over. It’s tradition.


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