Should Kotkaniemi Be Suspended After Pettersson Injury?

If you watch the play leading up to the “they got tangled” moment you will clearly see the Kotkaniemi was being a total douche. He makes a break to the net with the puck and attempts to get a shot on goal. Petterson is following the play and rides him cleanly into the boards. After the hit there’s a break out out of the zone. Kotkaniemi, clearly frustrated after that hit, follows Pettersson with a hook. Now the hook turns into a grab and brings both players to the ice causing Pettersson’s injury. The video below will show the play live.

Let’s make one thing clear. I am not one of those fans that thinks every play leading to an injury should result in a suspension. But that seems to be the standard league set when they decided to suspend Florida Panthers defensemen, Mike Matheson, two games for a hit on Petterson earlier in the season. My only question is, if a play causes an injury does the league suspend that player? I don’t think it should, but after the Matheson hit, I think Vancouver can definitely make the case that Kotkaniemi should be suspended for a minimum of two games. I’ll leave this article here for discussion.


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