Connor McDavid Uses Skate Lace Belt At NHL All-Star Game

The best hockey player in the world used a skate lace as a belt during the NHL All-Star red carpet. I’m not sure if this is dusty or a power move. I want to lean towards dusty, but only 97 can get away with a move like this.


I’m also still not sure if McDavid is a weirdo or just quiet. He is sort of hidden in the oil land and the only news that hits the east coast is his high light reel after every single one of this games. I know he’s untouchable in the hockey world and no doubt people like me feel bad for him that he is stuck in Edmonton, which has been a total shit show. But this is now something that shines a new light on the future hall of famer. Help me decide if this is a weird/dusty move or just a big dick power move…


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