Chambsy’s NHL Picks (1/29/19)

Well, hello there! Chambsy (Chaym-zee) here and I am the other half of the Betting Crashers who has finally been given blogging privileges by Bagsy (Ked) after a major tiff over a key prospect in the upcoming Saratoga Springs Pond Hockey classic. We don’t need to get into details, but let’s just say Bagsy is still on the search for a few more players to join his team…

Anyways, the all-star break ended last night which was great news for everyone but Whalen and the small group of people who actually decided to follow his plays. Papa bear rode with the favorites and big brain Paulie C (me) decided to take the night off. The Devils cruised to an easy 6-3 victory and the Flyers won their 4th game in a row with a 3-1 win over Winnipeg.

The Penguins were in a classic look ahead spot with games coming up against Tampa Bay on Wednesday and the Leafs on Saturday. You really think Letang and Crosby were gassed up about leaving Cali to go back to Pittsburgh to play the Devils? Woof. The Devils were tempting, but with a 5-17-3 record on the road this year, it was always a stay away spot for me.

Outside of the all-star break, Winnipeg hasn’t played a game in over a week and had to travel east for a back-to-back against Philly and Boston and then go back home for a game in their barn on Thursday against Columbus. I’m hoping they shook some rust off last night and will get up for tonights game which takes me into my plays for the evening:

  • Flyers ML +105: As I said previously, the Flyers have now won 4 out of 5 games and have beaten some pretty good teams during that stretch. I know, I know – Hart isn’t in net for the Flyers, but neither is Hank. The Rags haven’t played since January 19th in a game where they upset the Bruins on the road as a +205 dog (humble brag, we profited), so I’m hoping their legs are a little heavy coming off the break. Gimme the Flyers.
  • Jets 1p ML +120, & Jets ML +140: Sort of the same logic here backing the Jets. They had a tough loss against Philly last night but also had a chance to knock some of the rust off from not skating in over a week. They’re catching the Bruins in the same type of spot that the Jets were in last night. Boston hasn’t played since January 19th, so I love Winnipeg to have a bounce-back effort here and take one on the road. Boston is coming off of a terrible loss at home against the Rags which makes me kind of nervous, but we’re still gonna send it.

Follow Twitter @bettingcrashers for any added plays and don’t hesitate to chirp when none of these plays hit. That’s always how it goes, right? I actually spend time blogging about my picks and they go 0-fer.

Good luck tonight, boys – let’s eat!

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