Arizona State is Going to the NCAA Tournament and What This Could Mean for College Hockey

ASU is known for parties, beautiful people and the weather, am I right? At least for myself, whenever ASU is brought up, I think of pool parties, catching’ rays and having a good time. Four years ago, ASU went Division 1 and it was kind of an after thought. While cool, I don’t think anyone ever really thought ASU would be contending in any sort of way. Now, in 2019, ASU has made the national tournament and I would be WORRIED if I were other big name schools.

If ASU can continue to build off of the year they are having and continue to have success, why wouldn’t you think about going there if you’re considering the college route? Yeah, it might not have the history of a BU, BC, Michigan or North Dakota but do you know what is does have? Everything I mentioned in the opening paragraph. Not only will you be playing D1, but you’ll be playing D1 in paradise. Had a rough day at practice? Meet up with the boys at the pool, play some KYGO and let your stress fade away. Again, it might not have the tradition of the other schools just yet but you can be a part of creating that tradition, that legacy. Instead of carrying it on, you can be a part of a team that other teams will look up to for years to come.

Player to watch? Johnny Walker. Not only does he have the name, the kid is a goal scoring machine. Averaging .76 PPG, Walker leads the entire NCAA. Not only is he lighting the lamp, but he’s a showman when he does it.

The success of this team just shows that the game really is growing. If you watched hockey day in America, the game has continued to grow over the last 10 years and if you need any proof just check out the Sun Devils.

Author: Ked

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