The Picture of the Ottawa Senators From Two Years Ago With Current Jerseys is as Demoralizing as it Gets


Shoutout to /BlueAndPurpleShirt for this picture. Chris Neil is hilarious in a Hawaiian shirt but this is about demoralizing as it gets. Just two years ago the Ottawa Senators made it to the Eastern Conference finals and now their team is in disarray. Sure, they’ve done an alright job recouping assets for players who should’ve been there for much, much longer but its got to hurt being an Ottawa fan right now.

Having said all this, Senators fans do have three key pieces in Brady Tkachuk, Thomas Chabot and now Erik Brannstrom. I know they’re all wicked young but in terms of younger talent, I’d be pretty stoked if I had those 3 in the system. The only thing that would worry me is incompetent management and ownership who will enviably trade them all come contract time for one bullshit reason or another.

Yeah, what he said.

Author: Ked

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