Papa’s Picks Heading Into The Weekend

It’s that time of the week again for all my weekend picks. Papa is solo this week, because Chambsy is made up of cupcakes and marshmallows. Last week was a nice 3-0 weekend. So your welcome for the free money. If you believe in the law of averages, bet against me this week or tail the hot streak. The choice is yours and yours alone….

The podcast will be up later today for anyone who listens.

Friday SEND IT

Papa’s SEND IT: Wild, Capitals, Jets, Canadiens

Saturday’s Dog, Favorite, Over/Under

Papa’s Dog: Saturday 7pm, Ottawa Senators at Boston Bruins: Senators ML

Papa’s Favorite: Saturday 10pm, Vegas Golden Knights at Vancouver Canucks: Golden Knights ML

Papa’s Under: Saturday 8pm, Carolina Hurricanes at Nashville Predators: Under 6

Sunday Parlay

Papa’s Parlay: Capitals, Golden Knights, Penguins

Let’s have a fucking weekend!


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