Craig Cunningham is Back on Skates in One of The Coolest Videos of All Time

Two and a half years ago, Craig Cunningham suffered a near-fatal heart attack which actually resulted in doctors amputating a leg. The hockey community rallied behind Craig and we started hearing stories about how much of a legend he was along with how hard of a worker he is. Fast forward two and a half years and this guy is BUZZING on the ice.

Seriously, the guy has one leg and he’s still a better skater than I am. Guy would probably put up 115 points in a 40 game beer league, unreal. I have a soft spot for people with prosthetics. Most of you probably don’t know but my father, the sheriff, actually lost an arm and leg from a motorcycle accident right before I was born. The one thing I can say about people who have lost a limb is never ever bet against them. My dad has done more for me then most of my friends dads combined, whether it be driving to early practices, throwing the ball around outside or literally anything ever. I tell you this because people with amputations are some of the most resilient, dedicated, hard working mother effers out there. Does it surprise you that Craig Cunningham is out there wheeling and dealing? It might. But for me, because of how much of a nailgun he is, I’m not shocked at all. Very cool video, very cool moment. I love this shit.

Author: Ked

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