3 Must Bet Series Heading Into the NHL Playoffs

The NHL Playoffs are finally here and there are some juicy series bets that are sitting right in front of us. Honestly, when the lines first came out, I thought there would be some line movement. That was not the case. So here are three series that I think you have to take, given the lines.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins: Bruins to win series -145

The series should probably be around the -200/-220 area. This basically is giving the slight edge to Boston, which I think is crazy. We as hockey fans already know about this match up, given that it was already determined back in December. Between the Bruins first line being an absolute powerhouse and the Maple Leafs depth at defense being an empty suit, you have to almost guarantee that the B’s man handle Toronto in 5 games max. Jump on this series at -145, because this might be the best line in the East.

Vegas Golden Knights vs San Jose Sharks: Knights to win series -110

A classic pick’em series. I’ve written before that I have serious coin on the Sharks to win the cup. That bet was placed right after the Karlsson trade and who actually knows what Karlsson will be able to bring this round if he plays. But to be honest and fair going into this series, I have 0 confidence in the Sharks for three reasons.

1. Their offense is too inconsistent. I’m very afraid that the Sharks won’t be able to keep up with Vegas for a full series. They are going to have to put at least 3 in every game against the Flower for them to have a chance and I just don’t see it happening.

2. The San Jose goaltending has been awful lately. Unless Jones was gearing up for the playoffs and lost focus on the regular season games, this team has no shot to win a series. In order to be successful in the playoffs, your goalie must steal your team some games and I just don’t see Jones stealing anything.

3. Vegas home ice advantage. This city brings such a unique, motivating, distracting, and intimidating environment for the playoffs that I don’t think the Sharks can win on the road. This means that the Sharks have to win every home game and that won’t happen.

Like I said before, I’m itching for the Sharks to win the cup, but it looks like they will be heading home early. Just too tough of a match up for a team who plays with a lot of energy and can win so many ways. Don’t look into Vegas’s regular season too much. This squad was waiting to get into the playoffs for some unfinished business. I’ll be hedging my Shark bet with some action on the Knights to win the series.

Dallas Stars vs Nashville Predators: Stars to win series +150

The last quarter of the season seemed to change my opinion about the Dallas Stars. They turned into an explosive bunch that seemed to just cruise every game. I’ll credit the Zucc trade for that. The Stars look to be healthy and running on all cylinders. Bishop needs to be stellar and their offense needs to solve the Predators defense. The Preds don’t give you much so this offense needs to click on the PP and their 3rd and 4th lines need to contribute if they want to have a shot here. The Predators could easily take over this series quickly, but their offense this year didn’t seem very consistent. They struggle to score goals and if you can’t put in three every night, then you don’t have a chance. I think it’s worth a shot to throw money on the Stars at plus money.

Those are my three series that stand out. Below are my predictions for the rest of the series and what I think is worth betting given the lines.

Columbus Blue Jackets vs Tampa Bay Lightning: Lightning to win series -450

Carolina Hurricanes vs Washington Capitals: Capitals to win series -160

(I love the Caps line here too). Just tough to bet on a team that just won the cup, in my opinion.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New York Islanders: Penguins to win series -155

Colorado Avalanche vs Calgary Flames: Avalanche to win series +190

St. Louis Blues vs Winnipeg Jets: Blues to win series -120

Remember to follow @BettingCrashers on twitter for all our live bets game by game. Unders are a must bet come playoff time. Let’s enjoy the best time of the year and make some fucking money!!!

-Papa Whales

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