So, How About That Hand Pass?

What a game last night between the Blues and Sharks. It was back and forth, there was drama, Logan Couture is an animal, Perron was playing out of his mind and us as hockey fans couldn’t have wanted anything more- that is until 5:23 in overtime when Erik Karlsson scored off of a pass from Gustav Nyquist off of a hand pass from Timo Meier.

How clear was this handpass? I don’t think theres ever been anything more clear in the history of the world.

Oh wait, the NHL did a great job editing out that part. Found it!

Yeeeesh, that is a rough look. I’m all in on a SJ BOS final but I want this shit done fair and square. It blows my mind that officials aren’t allowed to look at the big screen or that this wasn’t reviewable. We put in replay to help things like this from happening except we forgot to also list things like this. I feel bad for STL but you know they will use this as fuel for game 4. There’s nothing they can do now other than move forward and thats exactly what they’re going to do.

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

One thought

  1. Where do you draw the line? Checking from behind? Puck in the net delay of game? Slashing? Shot to the head? Pretty soon, hockey would move at the pace of baseball…


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