PC Police Attack Bruins Playoff Towel

A group of the most perfect people on planet Earth have finally joined forces to attack the Boston Bruins playoff towel. For anyone who has never followed sports before, organizations that make the playoffs often hand out towels to all the fans so they can wave it like maniacs in the stands. The problem didn’t lie in the actual towel, but the advertisement on the towel. What racist/sexist ad did the Bruins put on their towels? Barstool Sports.

There it is. The towel that demands an apology from the Boston Bruins. For anyone who doesn’t know what Barstool is, it’s one of the most popular sports blog/podcasts in the world right now. Barstool is also very big in the hockey world, hosting the biggest hockey podcast in the world, Spittin Chiclets.

The video above says it all. Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, comically blasts the PC Police on Tucker Carlson. He labels them the “no fun” group, which is 100% spot on. These people wake up everyday and look to complain about anything. Today it was a towel. Dave handles it well and has some fun poking at all the people doing God’s work.

At first I thought they were sour Hurricanes fans who were still bent out of shape about the sweep. But it couldn’t be them because they are ALL about the FUN (sarcasm). But this whole thing is so stupid. Say what you want about Barstool and El Pres but he is 100% right. Like many others, I hate Boston sports and their constant success. I’ll always jump on the bash Boston sports bandwagon like I did with Portnoy and the mascot rivalry, but not this time. The Bruins, Barstool, and Portnoy didn’t do anything wrong. People will always try and drag successful people and companies down. Barstool is just that. They say it how it is and I respect the shit out of it. So although I want the Bruins to lose this series more than anyone, I will say this about the towel. Go Pres Go.


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