Hockey Fundamentals: A Must Watch Video For Players Heading Into The Draft

The 2019 NHL Draft is just around the corner. We all know the big names like Hughes and Kakko, but for the players that will be picked later on in the draft, here is a video that will aide in earning a roster spot for next season.

Hockey Fundamentals with Lennie is a must watch for any hockey player regardless of talent level and for any hockey fan regardless of interest. Lennie breaks down the game of hockey to each individual fiber. You won’t just learn elite skills, but you’ll also learn why the skills are useful. Thank you Lennie for sharing your tips and knowledge of the greatest game on Earth.



….This video is actually a hilarious skit created by Ryan Hollweg. Hockey fans will remember him as the gritty forward that played in the mid to late 2000s for the New York Rangers. As a kid growing up during this time, he was definitely one of the more fun players to watch out there with his “take no shit” style as he tallied 349 PIMs in just 228 games played. Also, fuck Chris Simon for that bullshit high stick. What a scum bag move. Here is the video below for those who don’t remember…


-Papa Whales

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