ITS HAPPENING: Rangers recall Chytil and Lindgren

Glass Half Full

Chytil has been a point per game player in the AHL, has been working his tail off and has earned a shot in the big leagues. The Rangers are in desperate need for another center to step up, gain possession, support their wingers and make players better around them. Chytil has a ton of skill and has showcased it in spurts throughout his young NHL career We’re all hoping he can do this at a consistent basis.

I am a HUGE Lindgren guy. He’s tough, doesn’t back down, and is a pain in the ass to play against. Quinn keeps talking about battles and that you need to be hard to play against and I believe Lindgren brings this to the table. I truly believe, or more so hope, that Lindgren will be a top 4 shut down guy in the NHL. I hope he gets a legit shot to do so. Is this the end for Staal? I’m not sure but Hajek has looked good, Brady isn’t going anywhere so I’d think 18 is going to see the press box.

Glass Half Empty

There is no way they will scratch Marc Staal and that for me is a problem. Who will Lindgren replace in the lineup then? I’d assume it would be Hajek, who I believe has been quietly steady. This call up doesn’t make too much sense if you’re just going to glue Lindgren to the press box, or Hajek. I don’t know what to think.

Does this mean Zibanejads injury is more serious than thought about? Rangers reporters have stated that it is not a concussion but then what? Is this a long term injury? Or are the Rangers recognizing that hey maybe its about time to play the kids because they’re not that great without them anyways? Is this just for a few games? This is an interesting development and Twitter will be exploding one way or another within the next couple of weeks.

Author: Ked

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