Fresh Start for Robby Fabbri, Welcome to Detroit

The Detroit Red Wings have not lost a game since Robby Fabbri joined the squad. Robby Fabbri was traded from the St. Louis Blues to the Detroit Red Wings for Jacob de la Rose on Wednesday November 5th. During his debut against the Boston Bruins Fabbri scored two power play goals, one of which was the game winner.

In his second game, he assisted on the Mantha game winning goal with 30 seconds left in the 3rd period against Vegas Golden Knights. In overtime against the Ducks Ryan Miller clears the puck and Fabbri makes a play on the boards followed by a beautiful pass on the Cholowski game winner. Fabbri is a playmaker and making an instant impact in Detroit propelling the three game win streak with points in all three games. The Red Wings are in the middle of a rebuild but first year wings GM Steve Yzerman is already making waves. Sending Jacob de la Rose to the Blues for Fabbri was a good move IF Fabbri can stay healthy, something he has had trouble doing so in the past. Everyone keeps talking about a fresh start, with this being the last year on his contract it could be a big year for the former Blue as the kid is looking for a pay day. If you play fantasy hockey, I’d maybe consider picking Fabbri up. He’s already been picked up in 2/3 of my leagues and continues to put up points. Welcome to Detroit, Wings fans should be ecstatic to have you!

Author: vgkdp57

Big David Perron fan

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