Safe To Say Mighty Ducks Reboot Won’t Include Goldberg

He’s back in the news again. Shaun Weiss, the actor who played Greg Goldberg, was arrested the week in Marysville, California. Weiss was collared for residential burglary and appeared to be under the influence. From the picture below, I’m saying Meth.

Current Picture.

I’m guessing the show will take place in Minnesota so it’s an easy write off for one of the main characters of the Mighty Duck franchise. Goldberg finally made it back to Philly. It’s a shame too because Goldberg was a great comedic piece to the Mighty Ducks cast. He had a humorous way of going about the struggles and fear of being a goalie which made him a perfect character in the 3 movie franchise.

This was taken a year or two ago. You clearly see the progression.

In all seriousness this is a shame to see. I grew up watching The Mighty Ducks and know every line. Seeing someone fall off the deep end with drugs is always hard to see. Hopefully people see this try to reach out. I’m sure Disney can afford to scrape up a few pennies and get Shaun Weiss the help he truly needs. That’s what the hockey community is about and that’s what I hope the people at Disney do.


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