Capital’s Service Dog “Captain” Gets A New Buddy!

Throughout the NHL more and more teams are starting to incorporate the training of service dogs into their organizations. This idea is great on all fronts because the need for service animals especially dogs will never go away whether its a person with a visual or hearing impairment or it’s a veteran that has been disabled or impaired from combat these animals do great things for these people.

In October, the Caps partnered with America’s Vetdogs, a NY based non-profit that provides service to veterans and first responders with disabilities and introduced their first service dog. Captain, a 10 week old yellow lab at the time will be thoroughly raised and trained and once he is ready he will be returned tot the America’s VetDog Team to help someone in need. 

In December the Caps decided to sponsor a second service dog and on Wednesday that dog Scout arrived. Scout will be provided the same training as Captain throughout the season. Both Scout and Captain got the chance to run around the ice Wednesday night prior to the Caps tilt against the Preds. Unfortunately Scout couldn’t give the boys that extra mojo boost and they fell to the Preds 5-4.

It’s great to see a team I love and support take on a responsibility like this to help one of our veterans. Even if it’s as small as a service dog, any little thing that can make a veteran’s everyday life easier and more enjoyable is a win in my book.

Author: Disco

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