Cheer Up Capital’s Fans!

Today is Day 15 without hockey and I have been depressed with no sports and especially no hockey. I’ve only been able to do grad school work, run outside, and play an unhealthy amount of Call of Duty (Insane Disco24#7565714).

So here are some great Capital moments to put a smile on your face!

God damn how lucky are we as Cap’s fans to have the Gr8 One. The Russian stud just continues to amaze and has done some incredible shit over the years.

Tom Wilson may be hated by every other fan-base, but you know sure as shit that every fan would want Big Time Tommy on their squad!

This was the moment I knew this team was special, finally beat those scumbags from Shittsburgh when it mattered most after all those years getting our hearts ripped out by them. They got that weight off their shoulders and were ready to make a serious run!

It might have only been Game 2, but this was the turning point in the series and it was ALL CAPS the rest of the way.

Then the Tiger gave us time to breathe and we knew the end was in sight!

If this doesn’t put you in a better mood while being stuck in your home I don’t know what will! CHILLS CITY POPULATION YOU! #ALLCAPS

Also, hey Coronavirus you really suck maybe kick rocks why dontcha.

Author: Disco

Rock The Red #ALLCAPS

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