Talkin’ Sticks – Warrior

Sorry for not posting in a bit, but it’s time for the latest edition of “talkin’ sticks”, and this time we’re going to take a look at Warrior. Once a brand that no one really seemed to care about, Warrior has exploded in popularity recently. You can trace back their rise to, I want to say around 2014-2015. That was the first time I started to notice players who had typically been loyal to one brand begin switching to Warrior gloves and sticks. From there, Warrior has continued to build on themselves, and have solidified themselves as one of the top equipment manufacturers in the world. A lot of former Bauer guys have switched to Warrior, and the end of Easton also led to an increase in Warrior users. If that’s something that influences your stick decision, then maybe give Warrior a shot. One last thing before we get into the sticks, is that Warrior only offers two lines of sticks, and then release special edition versions of the sticks. Ok let’s get to it.

Alpha DX


The Alpha line replaced the long beloved Dynasty line in 2017 and brought with it a new kick point. As opposed to the mid-kick that came with the Dynasty sticks, the Alpha line has a low-mid kick point to balance quick release and shot power. It’s not quite low, it’s not quite mid, it’s in between and that’s what makes this stick line so loved. This is achieved with their Sabre Taper that helps get the puck off quickly and accurately. It also features a high-tech carbon weave to increase durability so you don’t shell out almost $300 every other month. This is also high on the list of sticks I want to try because, as I’ve said, I’m a low kick guy and don’t want to sacrifice any shot power (I’m in desperate need of some wrist curls). Some notable players using this are Leon Draisaitl, Brad Marchand, Alexander Barkov, and Mark Schiefele. Heard of them?

The special edition release of these sticks don’t change anything in terms of specs or performance, just looks. I will say, the DX SL is just sexy and I want it.

Covert QREdge


The Covert line has been going strong for I can’t tell you how many years. That being said, it was the QR1 that dropped in 2014 that really seemed to begin Warrior’s big rise. This was followed up by the QRL and now the QREdge. The Covert line is your traditional low-kick stick that utilizes their Edge Taper, an asymmetrical taper in the lower part of the shaft towards the blade that minimizes the time spent loading a shot before getting it off. It also gives it an explosive release to minimize the power lost on a shot due to the kick point. Similar to the DX, it has a strong carbon weave for durability. Some NHLers using this are Sebastian Aho, Mark Stone, and Travis Konecny. This stick isn’t super high on my list of ones I want to try, but I still want to give it a shot (see what I did there?).

Also similar to the Alpha line, Warrior releases special editions of this stick if you want a flashy blue stick or something. They also released the Fantom QRE earlier this season which clocks in at 360 grams, which I believe is the lightest stick ever released. For reference, most top of the line sticks right now range from 400-420 grams. The Covert line will also have a new edition being released soon, called the QRE10. If you want to give the QRE a try but don’t want to drop $270, wait till the QRE10 drops and you can get it at a discount.

And that wraps it up for Warrior. I’d call them one of the more intriguing brands out there just because of how fast they’ve gone from “eh, who cares?” to a legitimate player in the market. I’ve used a QRL stick before and loved it (scored my first college goal with it, not a big deal), and everyone I’ve talked to who has used Warrior sticks LOVE them. If you’re in the market for a new stick and don’t have any brand loyalty, I highly recommend giving Warrior a shot.

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