Ovechkin Adds Another Famous Stick to His Collection!

With the patiently awaiting restart of the NHL season/playoffs. Our fearless leader has been soaking up the sun and skating in the South Florida area with some current and former NHLers. One of the players apart of that group was former Penguins D-man Darius Kasparaitis, he provided Ovi with a special gift on Tuesday.

Kasparaitis gave Ovechkin the stick and puck that he used to score his Second Round Game 7 overtime goal against the Buffalo Sabres on May 10th of 2001. This is crazy to think for me that someone would give up the stick and puck of probably the biggest moment of their life. Ovi must have given him something insane in return for this gift.

Kasparaitis, better known for his bone crushing hits and his physical defense and not his lamp lighting ability. His series clinching goal beat the famous Dominik “The Dominator” Hasek to beat the Sabres. What could have been for Buffalo if they win that game, maybe one day Buffalo fans. At least you have Josh Allen, guy always looks good in shorts.

This stick already adds to Ovi’s massive stick collection. As of recently Ovi received a game-used stick from the Great One (Gretzky).

“Obviously, everyone know I am a huge stick collector and have almost a 100 sticks,” Ovechkin explained. “After a 2017 dinner, I asked Wayne, ‘Can you give me a game-used stick. I don’t know if you still have it or not.’ And he said, ‘Yeah. Win the Cup and I’ll give you the stick.’

This is the part that makes me love Ovi and how he’s still a kid at heart because right after the Caps won the cup. He told the Cap’s PR guy “I need Wayne’s stick because he promised to me,” Ovechkin added. “Finally, I get the stick and I was happy like a little kid to have a Christmas gift. It’s in my collection.”

The stick Ovi received from Gretzky was the stick that he scored his 807th goal with.

Ovi keeps the majority of his sticks in his Northern Virginia home, but he also has a collection at his Moscow dacha.

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Ovi also keeps all of his milestone sticks because he uses them to barter with other famous NHL superstars. Before receiving Gretzky’s stick, Ovechkin’s favorite stick was from Penguins Owner Mario Lemieux.

Ovi takes pride in having pieces of NHL history like these famous twigs to remind him why he plays the game.

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