It’s in the Stars, Reverse Retro Jersey Hot Take

With the recent leaks of the “Reverse Retro” jerseys, (or sweaters for you sweet hockey purists), NHL fans have already begun voicing their opinions on what their franchises should roll out. 

The ideas range from relatively boring old logos or color schemes to outlandish nonsense only a true Chel gamer would appreciate. Speaking of alternate jerseys, the Dallas Stars were gifted the opportunity of a lifetime last season as they hosted the annual Winter Classic at the Cotton Bowl. The jersey itself was speculated for months, the Stars faithful clamored for another jersey to spend money on. 

What we received from as absolutely stunning in my personal opinion. The ode to the Dallas Texans of the USHL was beyond apparent and pleasing to the eyes. The old school look and feel with the felt lettering and logos was a perfect touch to further push the vintage persona. 

The franchise literally could not keep them on store shelves. A mishap with the manufacturer had Stars faithful standing in lines, in the “Texas blistering cold”, for hours. Equipped with heavy coats and dreams of snagging their very own Winter Classic sweater. 

Fast forward to today. Those that wanted the jersey, have it. Myself included. I love it. Personally I think the franchise knocked it out of the park. Or rink, because hockey. So, what’s next for the Stars jersey? What’s up their sleeve for the reverse retro look? Please, allow me to spend my two cents. 

That’s right. You know it. You love it. 

It’s the sweet moo cow resembling a uterus painfully known as, the Mooterus. Yes. If the NHL wants to cash in reverse retro jerseys, it’s time to release the Mooterus back into existence. 

The third alternate that all Stars fans love to hate made its debut in the 03-04 NHL season and painfully surfed the scene until it’s ultimate death after 2006. Why was it dubbed the Mooterus you ask? Well if you haven’t taken sixth grade health or above I feel like you should do the research on your own. Just don’t tell your parents it was me. 

The Mooterus could use a facelift. Not that it’s not already perfect. Imagine the look of fans faces if the Stars took the ice in their gorgeous star patterned jerseys of the 1999 Stanley Cup winning team, with a cute little moo cow donning the chest. You want to see a revolt? Because that’s how you get a revolt. 

While I remain hopeful that owner Tom Gaglardi works with the powers that be to give us another jersey to physically throw out money at, I know it will be something magical once it hits stores. 

There will surely be plenty of people that hate it and plenty of people that love it, but rest assured, we are all going to buy it. So, just hit us with it Tom. Give Adidas a call and let them know the Mooterus is ready to be let out again. All five of us fans that love it are waiting for you. 

Author: Fink

Stood in an elevator with Jere Lehtinen once. Full-time freelancer in all things media. Beer League Black Ace and big-time locker room glue guy.

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