Hank and Fink Rank the Reverse Retro Jerseys

Obviously, the big news today is that the NHL and Adidas released the new Reverse Retro jerseys for the upcoming NHL season. This is the first time in league history that a league-wide alternate jersey program has been established and executed. With Adidas’ history of releasing…let’s say less than stellar jerseys, most people were a little wary of what was going to be released. Come 10AM today, however, we were pleasantly surprised when most of the jerseys turned out incredible. Some are better than others, of course, so Fink and I are here to give you our best five and our worst five. I’ll let Fink take it from here.

From least awful to most awful

5.) Boston Bruins

The leak didn’t do them any favors other than softening the blow on how truly terrible the piss-yellow color scheme just screams at you. Pair that with the cracked out bear on the shoulder patch and you are in for a doozy of an outfit. 

4.) Minnesota Wild 

I see what you are doing, but at this point it’s sad. The Dallas Stars have the colors hung in the rafters for Neal Broten, Bill Goldsworthy, and Bill Masterton. This feels like a bad breakup where the ex just can’t let go and move on. Stop texting us. 

3.) New York Islanders 

Did they even know Reverse Retros were happening? I could come up with something better in 1999 Windows Microsoft Paint. 

2.) Toronto Maple Leafs

Again, some pizazz is needed. These are as boring as the Leafs performance in the playoffs no matter what the roster looks like. Another upsetting end to a build-up for the Leafs faithful. 

1.) Detroit Red Wings 

They have been through enough recently, but this is just another punch in the gut. I put in more work getting out of bed this morning. Red Wings fans, I am sorry, but you are at the bottom of another list. 

Top Five 

5.) Dallas Stars

Yep. Shocking I know. You thought I was putting them at one, didn’t you? Wrong. The Stars finally pay homage to the ’99 Cup-winning team in clean and crisp fashion. All logos and designs are intact. (If you disagree, it’s called Reverse Retro. Not “Gimme what I want or I’ll complain on Twitter.”)

4.) Vancouver Canucks 

“Alexa, play the Free Willy soundtrack.” Shamu is back and is looking fierce as ever. 

3.) Carolina Hurricanes 

Their social media team is the best in the NHL. Their celebrations took the league by storm. (Insert smirk emoji here.) Their history is one of the richest in the league, and these jerseys represent that. Kudos Canes. 

2.) Florida Panthers

Peak mid-’90’s style is on full display. Look at that big ol’ fierce kitty. You love to see it, now if they can just mirror the success of the other Florida franchise. 

1.) Calgary Flames 

Haters are damned, Blasty is back and he is looking nasty! (In a good way, obviously.) The flaming horse head makes its return to the NHL and the only thing faster than the speed of light is me clicking the BUY NOW option on the Calgary Fan Shop. This jersey is fire. I’ll see myself out. 

Hank’s Worst 5 and Best 5

You can always count on Fink to provide some stellar jersey analysis with some grade A puns. It’s tough for me to come up with a list because there are so many I want to now see my NHL 21 Be a Pro character in, but I was able to narrow it down for the sake of this blog. I’ll also be starting with my 5 least favorite.

From not as bad to utterly awful

5. Arizona Coyotes

People love the Kachina jerseys, and that’s what Arizona tried to go with here. I just don’t like it being solid purple until you get to the lower trim. I love purple as a color, but I don’t think it works with this jersey. Swing and a miss in my opinion.

4. Minnesota Wild

It’s really tough to say it better than Fink already has. They tried to go for the North Stars look with the Wild logo and it simply looks wrong.

3. Anaheim Ducks

I would understand why people would like this jersey, but it’s a no from me. I never liked the full cartoon duck as the logo and the cartoon font for the captain makes it worse. These look like the jerseys Bugs Bunny and friends would wear in a Looney Toons episode. Stick with only the head as the logo.

2. New York Islanders

I legitimately think the Islanders forgot this was happening. You could put this next to their normal home jersey and the vast majority of fans wouldn’t be able to tell which is which. It’s like the “can I copy your homework?” “yea but don’t make it obvious” meme but with NHL jerseys. Our boy Puckraker is not thrilled.

1. Detroit Red Wings

I really want to know what the end goal was here. Did they even try? This is the most boring jersey of the bunch and it’s not even a competition.

My top 5

5. Edmonton Oilers

The reason I love these so much is it’s a good away to go with their royal blue alternates. The whole navy blue/bright orange thing they’ve been doing since Adidas took over has been awful. Stick with royal blue with orange and white as the accents. It’s best for everyone.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa used to have some of the best jerseys in the league when black was a part of their color scheme. These perfectly pay homage to the ’04 Cup team where Marty St. Louis became a household name. Very well done.

3. Los Angeles Kings

There are few times I see a jersey release where I audibly say “oh wow” and this was one of those times. The purple and yellow color scheme to go with the Gretzky era logo? Absolutely phenomenal.

2. Colorado Avalanche

If these were maroon or Nordiques blue, they’d be my favorite by a mile. Avs colors with the Nordiques tribute is absolutely perfect. I think Nathan MacKinnon’s Instagram story from a while ago showed they’re going to have blue gloves. These are going to look amazing.

1. Carolina Hurricanes

If you couldn’t tell from number two, I’ve got a thing for classic logos and jerseys, but I especially have a thing for the Hartford Whalers. I’m a firm believer that the Whalers jersey is one of, if not the best hockey jersey of all time. Carolina managed to take said jersey and put a modern twist on it without ruining it. Incredibly done.

Yes, I’m leaving the Flyers in the middle of the pack. As our Instagram story suggested, seeing what they are going to look like in full uniform makes me hate them a lot less. I still think they could’ve done better, but I’ll put my Be a Pro in them if he makes it to Philly. I dub that my ultimate seal of approval.

What are everyone’s favorite and least favorite? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram @Morning_Skate.

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