Ranking The NWHL Jerseys

New jerseys are all the craze right now. The NWHL unleashed their jerseys and I must admit this was a very tough ranking because I think overall, the league has some really cool set ups. If I was an NWHL player, I would not be disappointed throwing on most of these sweaters. I also think the success of these jerseys and their style will only draw more jersey sales which will be in imperative for the leagues future success. But enough about that lets get to the ranking…..(worst to best of course).

6. Toronto Six

Toronto Six

Ummm. Not the worst look in the world but I am not in love with the emblem I get the T within the 6. I really like their white set up over the red and black. There’s more continuity with that jersey. The black set up should have red instead of gold. You can’t have three primary colors dominating the jersey and I feel like that’s what they did here. Two colors with a third to accent. The red jersey is mess with the logo just fading into the entire jersey. Again I cant stress this enough….somebody had to be six and I think it’s just appropriate that Toronto is six….literally.

5. Boston Pride

Boston Pride

As a native New Yorker, it’s never easy to compliment anyone or anything from Boston. I like that they took the Bruins colors and made it their own. The black set up is best in my opinion. I really like the lion emblem. The lion is so simple and detailed at the same time. The person who created that logo should be proud. I am not in love with the sleeves on the white jersey and the yellow isn’t the best but I like that they tried making it unique with the stripes going vertical. The logo pushed this out of the 6th position in my ranking, but these were my bottom two without a doubt.

4. Buffalo Beauts

Buffalo Beauts

Love the colors. Love the logo. The only problem I really have is the black jersey set up. I think a white stripe at the bottom of the jersey to break up the black into the pants…into the sock. I am not sure if that would even improve the look, I just think it’s missing something which is why Buffalo is sitting at 4. I really like the light blue. The logo pops. The stripes with the stars are awesome and pop more in that jersey than the black. Overall, really cool set up!

3. Minnesota Whitecaps

Minnesota Whitecaps

There are three things that pushes this jersey into the top 3. First, the logo. I love it. It is simple, the M is clear within the whitecap theme, and it pops really well on the home and away jersey. Second, I like that home jersey just went for it. The Minnesota landscape that isn’t overbearing and pays homage to the hockey state (or so they like to claim). The landscape theme can backfire very quickly, but this is subtle and flows really well. Third, the all black is super sharp. I love it. It’s a really intimidating look for the road and I love how again they went for it with all black. If they put anything on the sleeves or the bottom of the jersey it would have been ruined. Bravo Minnesota. Great job.

2. Metropolitan Riveters

Metropolitan Riveters

This was honestly the hardest decision I ever had to make for ranking jerseys (yes I have discussions more than I would like to admit). Don’t shoot me for putting this at number two and not first. This is as close as a perfect jersey as you can get, I love that rivets, I love the logo, I love the colors, I love the stripes on the white jersey. The only thing I think they should have done is remove the star on the sleeve on the blue jersey. Not really sure why they did that? Very confusing, but overall this is a great set up. I like the home a lot. I think the stripes look fantastic!

1. Connecticut Whale

Connecticut Whale

The colors. I think the colors make this jersey awesome. I love the green and blue. I love simple logos and this is simple, clean, and perfect. The only problem I have is that they didn’t make the C blue on the green jersey. I think that would make it pop even more. But again I love that the home and away jersey are unique in their deign. I really like the waves in the stripes for the green set up. It breaks things up in a really cool, unique way. The white set up is what put this jersey over the top. Their sleeves are one of the cooler hockey jersey sleeves I have ever seen. The whale tail stripe from the shoulders is so cool. Not even sure that is what they were going for, but I love it. Also, I know it’s not the jersey, but I really like the white trim on the gloves. Subtle and sharp!

Overall, I really like every jersey in the NWHL. I think they did a great job. Unfortunately, someone has to be last and I’m happy it was Toronto! JK, but seriously. I would also really like to hear everyones rankings, because given the overall job the NWHL did, I think everyone will have different rankings. So please comment and let me know what you think!


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