Flyers Week 4 Recap: Thank God Coots is Back

I’ve decided to change the way I write these recaps. Instead of some long narrative of what the Flyers did well, what they didn’t, etc., it’ll be shorter recaps for the games. Afterwards it’ll be some who’s hot/who’s not for the week with explanations, followed by stats and what’s next. Sound good? I think so. Let’s get started.

After the fourth week of the Flyers season, the Flyers still sit tied for first place in the east division. It wasn’t the prettiest week by any means, but three points out of three games is at least better than zero. Should it have been five points? Yes but it’s over. The Flyers as of now definitely still have some issues to work out, some of which may require a trade. That being said, it’s tough to be super upset when your team is in first place.

Game 1 – Bruins 4 Flyers 3 (OT)

It’s really a shame that I could see this loss coming, especially considering how well I thought the Flyers played for the first 50 minutes or so of the hockey game. The Flyers looked better in all three zones for most of the game, until they remembered they had the lead and decided to take dumb penalties to lose it. You can’t let that good of a team have that many man advantages and expect to win, plain and simple. At the end though, a point and generally better play had me excited.

Game 2 – Bruins 2 Flyers 1

This game I have in my phone as just being “meh” and I don’t really know how else to describe it. I thought the team played better defensively, and Brian Elliott was phenomenal for the most part. If it wasn’t for that one very bad goal from the point on the rush, this game probably goes to OT and who knows what happens then? I once again liked the way Ghost played defensively, but one player won’t win you a hockey game. The way I see it, this is kind of a throw away game where there’s not much to write about. Not a bad loss, but not a good one.

Game 3 – Flyers 7 Capitals 4

At one point during this game, I said to myself “we have no business winning this” and I still stand by it. The Flyers were able to capitalize on the Caps missing quite a few players, and starting a rookie goalie. The Flyers were scrambling for the majority of the game and I’m so happy the puck stayed out. Unless Couturier was on the ice, the defensive play inside the zone looked like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. If it wasn’t for the JVR-Laughton-Farabee line, this team would have at least two more losses, and in regulation. Thank God Coots is back and thank God for JRV-Laughts-Beezer.

Who’s Hot: The Entire JVR-Laughts-Farabee Line

I’ve been meaning to talk about how good JVR has been lately, but I’m going to lump him into this whole line. JVR has a seven game point streak and sits in fourth place in the league in points with 18. He also has seven goals on the year, leading the team. Farabee had his third three point game of the season already, has seven points in his last four games, and is second on the team with six goals. Scott Laughton had his first career hat trick, and seems to be saying last year’s offensive production was no fluke. Early it looks like this year’s version of last year’s Lindblom-Coots-TK line carrying the team offensively. Let’s hope they stay hot.

Who’s Not: The Power Play

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Michel Therrien’s power play is garbage. At this point, I’d rather the Flyers just decline a penalty when they get one because that would at least save me some hope. Don’t ask me how the Flyers’ PP is 13th at 21.4%, because I couldn’t tell you. They look lethargic, predictable, and like they have no desire to even try to get the puck to the middle. I’m not about to be one of those losers yelling “SHOOT IT” but the constant perimeter play is awful. In the last four games, the Flyers are 2/15 on the PP, including a four minute double minor where the Caps had more shots than the Flyers. I don’t hate Therrien as a forwards coach, but sweet Jesus he can’t run a power play.

Team Stats

Goals: JVR – 7

Assists: JVR – 11

Points: JVR – 18

Plus/Minus: Provorov +6

TOI/Game: Provorov – 26:00

GAA: Elliott – 2.19

SV %: Elliott – 0.929

What’s Next

Tuesday @ Washington – 6 p.m.

Thursday’s and Saturday’s games vs. Devils postponed because the Devils can’t figure it out.

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