NHL Odds for March: Cup, Hart, and Norris

Stanley Cup Odds

The halfway mark of the season is drawing closer and closer. As we get into March, teams that have avoided Covid troubles have played 20+ games of their 56 game schedule. With the trade deadline on the horizon in April, Tampa Bay have emerged as favorites to repeat as champions, having gone 10-3-0 in the month of February. Toronto has surged behind them up to second, leaving last months favorites Colorado and Vegas in 3rd and 5th respectively. The Bruins sit in 4th after an impressive showing at Lake Tahoe, as well as throughout the month of February, (minus one pretty dismal NY road trip). Montreal has taken a big slide after finding themselves high on the list last month, falling from +1300 to +2300. Here’s a look at the top 10: 1. Tampa Bay +575; 2. Toronto +650; 3. Colorado +750; 4. Boston +800; 5. Vegas +1000; 6. Carolina +1200; 7. Edmonton +1400; 8. Philadelphia +1600; 9. Minnesota +1700; 10. Montreal +2300 (March 2 DraftKings odds)

Hart Trophy Odds

McDavid was the favorite before the season began and there’s no surprise he still is. He is scoring points at a pace I don’t ever recall seeing. With 40 points in 25 games and the Oilers returns to relevancy, there really isn’t a safer pick than McDavid for Hart (This is not betting advice). The only player putting up a good enough fight to even be in the conversation is Auston Matthews. He “only” has 31 points but appears to be scoring goals at will now, with 18 in 21 games. Pre-season favorite Nathan MacKinnon has fallen out of the top 5 despite being over a point per game with 22 points in 19 games, only 5 of them goals. He could also miss time due to a recent head injury from a malicious hit, though reports say he got lucky and his injuries could be way worse. Here’s a look at the top 5 for MVP: 1. Connor McDavid +170; 2 Austin Matthews +300; 3. Brad Marchand +1300; 4. Jonathan Huberdeau +1300; 5. Leon Draisaitl +1300 (February 22 DraftKings odds)

Norris Trophy Odds

These odds have been volatile over the first month+ of the season, but seem to be stabilizing with Cale Makar as the cream of the crop. He’s missed a few games and is once again day-to-day, but his 14 points in 15 games logging 24:28 TOI is as impressive as just about and D man, and Colorado’s success has been a result of his strong play in his own end. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him slip in the near future, as these odds are from over a week ago and Makar will likely miss too much time to keep up with Norris competitors for now. Defending champ Victor Hedman will likely assume control of the leaderboard, as his Lighting team have started dominating again, thanks in part to his team leading (tied with Stamkos) 20 points in 20 games. The top 5 is as follows: 1. Cale Makar + 200; 2. Victor Hedman +600; 3. John Carlson +1000; 4. Alex Pietrangelo +1200; 5. Quinn Hughes +1200 (February 23 DraftKings odds)

(Note: This information is presented as news and is not betting advice. Odds are from DraftKings, of whom I have no affiliation with)

Author: williamjschindler

Born in 2000, live on Long Island, love to watch NHL hockey. Roller hockey player, revived Ward Melville High School’s Islandwide varsity team in 2017, coached POB/JFK Islandwide middle school in 2019, represented New York in State Wars 2017, 2018.

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