Flightless Birdman, Nut Taps, Laviolette

The Caps as of 3/5/21 have won 4 of their last 5 with a lone OT loss to Pittsburg, 2 wins over New Jersey and 1 against Boston.

Besides the Capitals inconsistent defensive play the biggest and most noticeable issue is the play of Evgeny Kuznetsov. Kuzy has played in 12 games this season accumulating 2 goals, 4 assists, and a +/- of -1. Also to be completely honest Kuzy looks lost out on the ice with zero urgency or motivation to make plays. Yes he hasn’t played a lot of games due to the COVID issue and he’s been battling an upper body injury, but excuses aside he looks nothing like he did when the Caps won the Cup and he was sending the Pens packing. I love the birdman but if things don’t start to change it might be time to go our separate ways and save our money to protect TJ Oshie instead when the expansion Draft comes up this year.

During this 5 game stretch Vitek Vanecek has continued to excel and prove that he is the number 1 guy in Washington between the pipes. Vitek what seems like every game is taking a shutout into the last period with a couple lucky bounces off the post helping him out. In the 18 games VV has started he now has a record of 10 wins and 4 losses while holding a goals against average of 2.69 (nice) and a save percentage of .910. This kid is good, but I am still hoping with the return of Samsonov it will continue to grow his stellar play with having a little competition behind him.

Then we come to the viral point of the blog where nobody Trent Frederic dropped his gloves to fight Alex Ovechkin, yes as stupid as that sentence sounds Frederic did just that. This occurred after Frederic dangerously shoved Ovi into the boards. Then Ovi gave Frederic the ultimate Alpha move by giving him the “you’re not worth my time” gesture (love that from our Captain), and lets be honest he probably prevented a murder by not dropping the gloves. (CC: google Ovi Svechnikov fight)

Oh you thought it was done there? Think again the two crossed paths later in that period and Ovi and Frederic exchanged a couple shoves, then Ovi gave him the hey how are ya right in the man tonsils.

Reason numero uno why you don’t poke a Russian Bear!

A couple days later Ovi was hit with a 5k fine by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety for the incident.

Those analytics really made me think if it only costed me $16.42 to spear someone in real life with a stick in the nuts that I didn’t like I would not hesitate.

Another cool moment that happened over the last week was our Coach Peter Laviolette got his 650th career win Wednesday night with the 2-1 shootout victory over the Bruins.

Lavs was quoted in saying “Somebody just told me on the way in [to the Zoom room],” Laviolette said flashing a big smile. “I can’t believe I’m still coaching in the NHL. It started a long time ago and I’m still here. Loving it every day. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had. I feel fortunate to be a part of this group here.

In typical classy fashion Lavs didn’t want the night to be about him, he wanted to focus on the play of his guys and express how hard they fought that night. As well as mentioning how important this game was for Big Z, being that this was his first game back in Boston since the offseason acquisition.

Laviolette is the second-most winningest American-born coach in NHL history, sitting 13 wins behind fellow active head coach John Tortorella.

I am extremely happy so far with the energy and adjustments Lavs has made over the start of the season so far. It shows he isn’t afraid to mix things up and try new line combinations and see who meshes better with who, this was a huge area that was missed last year.

The Caps are back in action tonight against the Bruins in Boston with a 7pm ET puck drop hoping to extend this winning streak!

Also I don’t know if most of you follow this part of the team, but I am a huge fan of finding out the Caps win song they play in the locker-room after a w. For example last years song was Piece Of Your Heart by MEDUZA.

I give you this years win song, Live Is Life by Opus!

Also if you were wondering these are the Caps players songs that are played when they score during a game. I am a huge fan of this move that the Caps started last year. This allows fans to get an idea of their players personalities and gives the fans something to look forward to when a certain guy scores.

Washington Capitals on Twitter: "Updated the goal song playlist, so you can  rock out at home after the boys score! 🎵 https://t.co/9aBL5R30oZ #ALLCAPS…  https://t.co/jYU52Ehc8N"

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