Flyers Manage to Beat Rangers in OT

I’m just going to say it’s really annoying watching this Flyers team, because they do the exact same things game in and game out. That being said, a win’s a win so at least we’re not going to bed with loss to the Rangers hanging over our heads.

The Flyers jumped out to a quick two goal lead against New York, with goals from JVR and Provorov.

Then in true 2021 Flyers fashion, the second period rolls around and the Flyers forget there’s more than 20 minutes in a hockey game. Watching a second period of a Flyers game is like watching that episode of South Park when the peewee team plays the Red Wings and gets pummeled into oblivion. The Flyers are a soft team with no defensive ability and it hurts to watch. It led to giving up 3 unanswered goals and I was ready for the game to end in a loss.

One of the biggest issues with this team is when Provorov plays poorly defensively, it’s an absolute nightmare. He didn’t have a great game in this one, and he’s the heart and soul of the defense. Ghost found himself getting walked frequently, and Sanheim thought he played for the Rangers tonight with how many times he gave them the puck. Myers, Prosser, Hagg, Gus, and Braun are just irrelevant so I’m not going to waste energy on them.

To sound completely like a broken record, thank God for Carter Hart, because any other goalie in net, and the Flyers lose giving up 7 goals. Constant defensive breakdowns led to odd man rushes and high quality scoring chances, and Hart was able to bail them out.

Anyone saying Hart isn’t good knows nothing about hockey. Has he looked elite? Definitely not, but it’s clear that pretty much every goal he gives up isn’t his fault. He’s still the franchise goalie and will be fine.

Thankfully, the Flyers actually have some offensive ability this year. As of now, they’ll only win games by scoring a lot of goals, not keeping them out. We can thank Farabee, Giroux and lastly, Voracek for giving us something to be happy about tonight.

The Flyers got another one against New York on Wednesday, where hopefully it won’t be as stressful. We need the defense to not look like five year olds and the offense to keep doing what it’s doing. Let’s go Flyers.

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