Lou’s Deal with the Devils

Is this real life? Have I been playing NHL 2002 the last 2 years? Did Lou Lamoriello trade the eternal damnation of his soul for hockey management genius?

Lou’s midseason form has once against wowed me. Lou followed up the key trades for JG Pageau and Andy Greene in 2020 by acquiring Bell of the Ball Kyle Palmieri and long-time Devil Travis Zajac. He pulled it off after Anders Lee went down with a knee injury and only traded a first rounder, conditional 4th rounder, and two prospects.

Uncle Lou just has a knack for meeting team needs: Varlamov, Pageau, and Greene all filled holes in the lineup created by injury or free agency. It’s actually crazy how much of a different management makes.

I can’t imagine who Mike Milbury would have traded. Wait, yes I can. It would be Taylor Hall for every draft pick available and Adam Pelech.

     Lou is a meat and gravy kind of guy. When you make the Sunday gravy…do you just have one meatball? Absolutely not.

See the source image
Goddamn it that looks delicious.

Uncle Lou makes a phenomenal Sunday gravy. Uncle Lou delivered not one, BUT TWO impact veteran forwards, FUCKING KYLE PALMIERI AND TRAVIS ZAJAC.

     Both guys are veteran impact players who want to win. Both can slide up and down the top three lines while Trotz shuffles the lines to fine the chemistry down the stretch. And, thank the sweet baby Jesus, these Devils can score.

Palmieri is an undercover stud coming out of the depths of Hell in Jersey. (They suck at hockey and they’re the Devils. See Lou, I can double dip too.) He’s scored 25, 27, 24, 26, 30 the last 5 years – compare that to Lee’s 20, 28, 40, 34, and 15 – that’s a solid as fuck replacement winger.

Palmieri is from Smithtown, NY, too, proving once again that it was my lack of ability, not where I came from, to blame for not being in the Show.

Kyle Palmieri on the left repping the homeland.

Best of all, the Island is a place these guys are excited to play. Zajac was quoted by ESPN saying “I think at this point I wanted a chance to win.”

He’s talking about joining the Islanders, not leaving them. I’m so pumped for this playoff run.

Author: Puckraker

Puckraker grew up skating and retired after a Tier III NYS tournament appearance with the Great Neck Bruins. These days, Puckraker is a lawyer living the dream from New Orleans, where there are no hockey rinks.

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