Flyers Will Win the Cup Now…It’s Wade Allison Time!

That’s right folks, you heard it here first! The Flyers are about to pull a 2019 St. Louis Blues and win the Cup after being all but out of the playoffs late in the season. Why is this sudden change about to occur, you may ask? Because the ELITE prospect that is Wade Allison is scheduled to make his NHL debut tonight against the Penguins.

For those of you who are unfortunately unaware of Wade Allison’s greatness, let me enlighten you a bit. He made a name for himself at one of the best hockey schools in the country. I’m not talking those no-name programs like UMass, Minnesota Duluth, or North Dakota. No, I obviously mean the elite Western Michigan University. How bout those Broncos???

As a part of this storied program, Wade took the road less traveled, playing all 4 years. Talk about commitment to the team! In those 4 years, he racked up 97 points in 106 games, because everyone knows the best NHLers were under a point per game in college. And thank Christ, his penalty minutes steadily declined from 53 as a freshman to 17 as a senior. No team needs a tough guy anymore Wade!

The best part about his debut tonight is that we know the Flyers will totally set him up for long term success. Nothing says NHL superstar like playing 6 minutes a night on the fourth line with Nic Aube-Kubel and Tanner Laczynski. Man, I can see our boy Wade standing with the Hart Trophy, Conn Smythe, and Stanley Cup all at once and it’s beautiful. My bold prediction is that he’ll break the goal record a few years after Ovechkin breaks Gretzky’s. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think it’s that bold. It’s basically guaranteed!

So there you have it folks! Everyone else might as well give up because there’s no point in trying anymore. The Flyers are going to go undefeated the rest of the season and go 16-0 en route to the Cup. Wade Allison is going to score a zillion goals and carry the team. Let’s go Flyers baby!

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