Man, I Hate the Capitals

The Bruins hosted the scumbags from Washington Capitals for a matinee today at the TD Garden in front of a COVID capacity crowd. Full disclosure: In my glee to see the B’s play Buffalo for 3 straight, I completely forgot about today’s game. The Bruins got it done 6-3 and took a 4-3 series edge on the season.

The lineup remained the same except Rask was back in net and Tinordi was in for Zboril. The rookie defenseman was held out of the lineup for a cold, (not COVID) but I think Tinord’s presence had something to do more with whom the Bruins were playing than any head cold. No info on that, it’s just a theory I’m working on. Cassidy started the Erection Line for the 1st time in the last 3 and I think he was looking to get out early and establish the lead. The plan was working flawlessly as the Bruins went on the PP early and promptly gave up a shorthanded bid to Eller. Rask was huge (as he was on the staggering number of breakaways the Bruins gave up today) and was the #1 star in my estimation despite giving up 3 goals. For only playing his 2nd game in a month he was sharp on his angles and squared up to every shooter. He was even sending forwards away with heads up puck movement from his net mouth. Maybe having the young gun goalie tandem around is serving as some motivation? Worked for Tom Brady.

The Bruins struggled on the PP all day (more on that later) but they sure did look good on the PK. Bergeron tallied his 3rd shorty of the year at the 12 minute mark thanks to Marchand’s hard work on the forecheck. Marchy forced Carlson (maybe dial that Norris Trophy talk back about 25% there bud) to cough up the puck behind the Caps net and the puck bounced to Bergy who was coming through the slot in support of the forecheck. Forehand – backhand and the Bruins are up 1-0 with less than 8 minutes left in the first. 

What’s better than killing off a double minor?

Scoring a shorty while killing off a double minor that’s what.  

Secondary scoring? I got your secondary scoring right here. Krecji put the B’s up by 2 less than 2 minutes later when he finished off a Clifton feed from the corner at the left post. It’s amazing how much better Krecji looks with wingers that can actually, you know, play NHL caliber hockey. Oshie put the Caps on the board with 10 seconds left in the first when he finished off Backstrom’s rebound on yet another defensive breakdown by the Bruins. Another scumbag move by Hathaway as he hit Lauzon after the horn sounded to end the period bringing a scrum to the boards in front of the bench. Somehow the Bruins ended up shorthanded and of course Olcyzk saw no reason for the Bruins to get upset about the late hit; as once again he did color commentary with his Cap colored sunglasses on. If you’re on a national broadcast, keep it impartial you hack. Give me Pierre with his slobber over players any day over Eddie-O reliving his glory days and freaking horse racing. Sigh, I miss Jack and Brick.

The 2nd period was a gong show for defensive hockey. The teams combined for 5 goals with the Bruins getting 3 and the Caps getting a pair. With Cliffy off for his 2nd double minor of the afternoon Oshie and then Mantha put Washington ahead briefly. But the B’s weren’t going to roll over like last game vs. the Caps. First it was the Erection Line as Bergy from the RW corner put it out front to Pasta for the one-timer. Instead Marchy took it off Pasta’s stick and went backhand over the glove to tie the game back up. Krecji got his second of the day (he now has 4 on the year, with 2 coming today) off a filthy play that I’ll have to let speak for itself.

Witness the filth:

Originally tweeted by Boston Bruins (@NHLBruins) on April 18, 2021.

Bergy also got his 2nd of the day as the Erection Line worked their triangle to its’ fullest. Marchand came into the zone on the LW and put the puck over to Pastrnak at the right post. Orlov got a stick on the puck so it didn’t get there in time for Pasta so he laid it back to (who else) Bergeron in the slot and it’s 5-3 good guys. If it weren’t for Krecji’s sorcery this would’ve been the prettiest goal of the day.

Judge for yourselves:

Originally tweeted by Boston Bruins (@NHLBruins) on April 18, 2021.

Marchand added an empty netter to cap off the scoring and secure the Bruins their 4th win in a row. Don’t look now, but the Bruins are undefeated in the Hall-Reilly-Lazar era. 

Instead of game notes today, I want to speak about the Caps and their “leadership”. I think any team (or organization) takes on the personality of its’ leaders and the Caps’ leaders are selfish, borderline dirty hockey players. We all know about Wilson and his record, (I will say that his hit on Kuraly today was clean, Kuraly was falling) but I’ll add Hathaway to that list as well. This puke runs around all day with late shots and borderline (at best) plays and finally gets called for it when he boards Tinordi in the 3rd earning himself a misconduct and a major (that the Bruins couldn’t cash in on). But it all starts and ends with their captain, Ovechkin. I’ll go on the record to say he might be the greatest goal scorer to ever play the game, but he’s a selfish player that I hope never breaks Gretzky’s record. All the comparisons between Sid and him are a joke. Ovi can’t carry Sid’s stick bag as an all around player or leader. On Bergy’s goal (what a real captain looks like Disco), Ovi was gliding on the backcheck and once the goal was scored spent all his time complaining to the ref about a missed call. You can actually see him bitching towards the end of the Bergy goal video above. He doesn’t show up until well after the goal cause he was so slow on the backcheck. From the cup check on Frederic to the slashes on Lauzon today, who the hell is he to be bitching to the stripes? GTFOH. He also had a sick stat line today: 0-0-0 in over 19:00 TOI with 8:30 on the PP and a dash 4. What a legend.  

The Bruins are off until Tuesday when they travel to Buffalo for a 3 game trip.



  • Pastrnak with a great defensive play (not a typo) to send Marchand away on the ENG
  • PK is lights out. Yes, they let in 2 today, but still the best in the NHL
  • Tuukka Rask. The book on Rask was always that he plays best with a lighter workload. I’m supremely confident with him and Swayman heading into postseason.


  • Power play looked rough. No entry, barely any setup and too much individual effort.
  • Defensive breakdowns will bite them in the ass in the playoffs. Need to tighten it up.
  • Stop biting on the scumbag/pest nonsense that Washington employs. Take a number instead.

Quick stick tap to good guy Patty Marleau who tied Gordie Howe last night for playing in his 1767th NHL game. Always liked Marleau and his teammates seem to love him wherever he plays. He’s set to break the record tomorrow night in front of the home crowd in San Jose. Gordie Howe held the record for 59 years, quite the accomplishment.

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