The NHL Doesn’t Give a Shit About Their Players

Before I get into this, I want to get out in front by saying Tom Wilson is a rare breed that every team in the NHL would want on their team. Almost every time he’s brought up on the podcast I talk about how I love the way he plays the game, when he’s not being a dink. He’s big, he’s fast, he’s fearless, he’s everything a team would want for a 7 game playoff series. Now, the problem with Wilson is the only time he is ever talked about is when he’s doing dumb shit which unfortunately seems to be 100% of the time. A repeat offender sounds like more than once but when you’ve been suspended 5 times for a total of 36 games, you can save me with the repeat bullshit and just label yourself as an offender. Suspensions and fines are given out to players so they don’t continue to do scumbag things but I’m now convinced that there is no changing Tom Wilson. 

Another reason why I never really hated Wilson was because he seemingly always answered the bell when he did do stupid shit. I’m all for players alphaing other players in the course of a game, that’s hockey. Last night was not that. Last night was a 6’4 220 player abusing a defenseless player with a stick around his neck and then ragdolling/ pulling the hair of a player that is almost a 1/2 a foot shorter and 50+ pounds lighter.

Now, is that being an alpha or is that being a baby back bitch? Is pulling hair and slamming guys on the ice something alpha males around the world can rally around? I’ve seen so many hardo takes by people who don’t get it and just say what they say so they can look strong to people, so they can look tough, so they can pretend to be Tom Wilson’s bash brother, while in reality 95% of the time look like this. 


Big dick energy, Xander!!

After his last suspension, Wilson was quoted to saying this. 

Tom Wilson: I have to continue to adjust. The game is always adapting year to year. At the end of the day, it can’t happen. I can’t be missing seven games. I can’t be missing one game. I have to be in the lineup. As you look around the league, there’s a lot of different stuff going on. There’s some confusion. There’s some [hypocrisy]. There’s a lot of different things going on. I just have to worry about helping the team win, playing good hockey. I’ve been physical my whole life. That’s in me. That’s bred in me. I’m always going to try and be a physical player. For now, I just have to continue to develop my offense and chip in offensively, and help the team win. Obviously, be more careful to make sure I’m not putting myself in those spots.

And when asked about injurying Carlo, he had this to say:

Tom Wilson: I did, yeah. A lot of people probably wouldn’t believe me, but you never want to see a fellow peer get injured. They’re hockey players just like I am. This is their living. Their livelihood. When a guy goes down, it’s not a good feeling. I texted him the next day and I was happy to hear he was feeling better. It was a couple of weeks ago now. Just trying to move forward and build my game.

After watching the video of the chicken shit antics he pulled last night, does it look like he’s adjusting his game? Does it look like he cares about the well being of other players? All respect I had towards Wilson went out the window when he knew Buchnevich was in a vulnerable position and decided to sucker punch him. All of my respect went out the window when he pulled Panarins hair to throw him on the ice. He’s the epitome of a scumbag and it’s only a matter of time before he truly, truly hurts someone. 

If the NHL cared about their players, something would have been done. $5,000 to a guy making millions is like taking away my internet for 30 seconds.

I know the head of player safety must be a hard job but George Parros has been a joke since the moment he got into that role. He said all the right things, like taking scummy plays out of the game, but has that happened? Parros is a glorified hockey politician who collects a paycheck and tries not to upset people. He’s a clown, a loser, and there’s no reason that guy should the man who tries to help prevent bullshit behavior like this. This league is a joke. So the next time Wilson hurts someone, lets hope it’s not too bad. Just know that the NHL will just spin their wheel of bullshit and wherever it lands will determine their punishment. And also, I told you so. 

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

2 thoughts

  1. NHL is a league of goons. Especially when the head guy of discipline George Parros, ex goon. How did this goons make it to this level, it’s not hockey, it’s wrestling, hockey is a sport where you suppose to put the puck in the opponent net, not that I hit you or take your head off. Most of the players, sudden be there, make the ice surface bigger, and remove the 3 and 4 lineup, look when they play 3 on 3, what do you see is the talented players. I was and had seen many players in minor hockey that are talented with hockey skills, and never were looked at, but goons made it because they were big and hit. Wow what a league NHL,


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