Gambling With The Goalie

While I am usually the writer for the Florida Panthers blog, I recently heard the expression, EBR – Everybody Rides – so I wanted to share my premature gambling tips after the first 2 days of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

With three out of the first four games going in to overtime, I think this will be a trend we see quite a bit moving forward. Caps and B’s will continue to keep it close. Isles and Pens will stay as a fist fight – although them hitting the over was a bit surprising. And Fleury is playing out of his mind in a game that was surprisingly close.

Here are my recommendations for the next few days:

  • Bet the draw in the Caps/Bruins and Isles/Pens games – I see a lot of OT in their future
  • Bet the underdog + 1/2 for regulation – even better if your site has it +1
  • Hammer the Over in the Panthers Lightning series because as we saw last night, it will be all gas and no brakes.
  • Look for any good paying underdogs – I was able to get Minny at a hell of a deal, +180, yesterday

Also, be on the look out for any good deals on series prices, whether or not you think they will be able to pull it out. We know there will always be an upset or two, it is just a matter of figuring out where it will come from. For example, I got the Blues to win the series at +380, Wild +320, and Panthers at +150. As of this morning, I saw the Blues as high as +400, Canadiens +280, and Predators +205.

While you don’t need all three to hit, 1 good underdog should be able to more than make up for 1-2 wrong guesses.

Again, I am not a licensed gambling professional, but a washed up, beer league hero who thinks he knows more than Vegas so take my ramblings for what they are worth. And always remember, Everybody Rides!

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