Cats Bolts Game 2 Recap & Gambling with the Goalie

In gambling terms, a mush is someone who is considered to be bad luck or give out bad advice.

I am going to start off and just say that I am a mush when it comes to the Panthers.

Yesterday, I wrote about Bobrovsky needing to play better and it was like Coach Q read my blog because shortly after he announced that Dreidger is getting the start. I also call out Vasi for sucking against the Cats, so to prove me wrong he decides to make 32 saves on 33 shots.

Definitely do not follow my gambling stats as I said hammer the damn over. Then there were only 4 goals scored when the o/u was set at 6!

What does all of this mean to you, my loyal readers? It means you should believe the opposite of what I say. Or don’t, who knows, maybe I just mushed myself.

A brief recap of last night’s game:

The Panthers started the game flat and fell behind 2-0 early on. I will say that I do not blame those goals on Dreidger at all. Both were bad bounces, one catching the iron and popping right to Palat breaking in and the second bouncing off a Panthers d-man to go back door.

The Panthers came out and showed some signs of life in the second; however, they got suckered in to taking dumbdick penalties. Knowing how strong Tampa’s special teams are, I am going to quote Jim Carey from his great cinematic performance Liar Liar – “STOP BREAKING THE LAW ASSHOLE[S]”.

Vasi looked good and made some key saves; however, he did not see too many great scoring chances. The Bolts did a good job of keeping bodies in the shooting lanes and forcing the Panthers to take long, bad angle shots.

Marchment played his balls off and almost had a highlight reel goal and then a few minutes later tipped one past Vasi to tighten the game up to 2-1. Horny was out there making his physical presence known. Lomberg started warm ups skating the red line, chirping with the infamous “Fat Pat”. He then proceeded to be a constant thorn the the Bolts side, neck, or wherever else he could throw a shoulder or stick.

The passion was there, but the Panthers can’t start flat then try to come from behind against a team as solid as the Lightning. Hopefully the Cats can sneak one out up in Tampa otherwise you will only get my shitty gambling tips for the rest of the playoffs and nobody wants that!

Gambling tips to follow – or not:

I think the Canes are going to spank the Preds again, but -180 is a high price to pay. I would say take the Canes -1.5 which I see sitting right around +150.

The B’s and Caps will be another tight one and I don’t foresee it being out of the realm of possibility for a 3rd straight OT game. See if you can find the Caps at +.5 in regulation. If your site has it, I would also take Taylor Hall for an anytime goal as I saw that as high as +210 for tonight.

No sense in betting the Av’s as the odds are -310 for a straight win and -120 for the puck line.

Edmonton is a tough one because you never know what type of performance they will put on the ice any given night. I do think the Oilers will pull out a win, but I am awaiting to see what type of odds I can get the game at.

In summary, the Cats need to step it up and steal one out of Amalie Arena otherwise you guys are stuck reading a washed up, beer league hero’s mediocre ramblings on hunches and alleged gambling tips.

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