Islanders Get Some Game 4 Help From Jets Offense

The New York Jet offense had themselves a day yesterday. Maybe the most impressive outing the Jets have had in years. Zach Wilson (the Jets first round, second overall, draft pick) and his offensive line cheered on the New York Islanders in game 4 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was just in time too because the Islanders 4-1 win knotted the series at 2-2 and shifted the momentum back to New York.

Zach Wilson and the New York Jets O-line.

Jets OL Dan Feeney was the MVP out of the group. Rocking a mullet and giving 0 fucks, Feeney was chugging beers and having himself a day. Say what you want about the Jets, but this performance was awesome. You won’t see any Giants slamming beers off their dome for the sake of playoff hockey. Super Bowls are overrated. I’ll take the Jets, Zach Wilson, mullets, and beers alongside playoff hockey any day!

The Islanders will face off against the Penguins in game 5 on Monday at 7pm in Shittsburgh.


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