Playoffs Over, No Cap!

Before I get into the series I want to some of you Cap’s fans aware of how stupid some people in our fanbase are. This moron on twitter said that “Mantha trade will go down as the worst trade in caps history and ya I’m saying this is worse then the Forsberg for erat trade” people with this little intelligence should not be allowed to be sports fans at all. If you honestly say statements like that out loud for one you shouldn’t be able to operate a vehicle and two at best you should be working as a Walmart greeter. (Rant over)

Ok back to the series, in a do or die must win game the Washington Capitals fell short to the Boston Bruins 3-1, ending their season losing the series 4-1 a gentlemen’s sweep as some people say.

During the first and second period it just felt like the Caps were going through the motions with tiny bursts of hope but to no avail.

Conor Sheary gave the Caps some hope early in the third with a nice rebound goal, but that wasn’t enough after Samsonov gave up a weak goal to Patrice Bergeron to pretty much put the nail in the coffin to the Caps season.

It was clear and even in game one which the Caps won the Bruins were the better team this series whether it was puck control, shots on net, or limiting the small mistakes. The Caps looked sluggish and disinterested at times, not saying they didn’t try the boys obviously gave it all they could for us. I am interested to see what comes out of the Caps camp regarding injuries. I know Ovi has already come out and said he was injured, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we found out Backy was also injured he just didn’t look like his normal self this series.

The Caps have been known for their size and physical play this last couple years, but speed is their biggest flaw and in the playoffs you need that balance of speed and size and the Caps just didn’t have the speed x factor player(s).

I really do think if Vitek Vanecek doesn’t get hurt this is a completely different series, where it goes at least 6 games. Also I am not saying we lost this series because of goaltending cause that’s not the case it was a group effort in this series lost and to be honest Anderson and Sammy kept us in the series more than we should have been based on the poor offensive production.

This is the Caps third consecutive year with a first round playoff exit. These last two years specifically have had pathetic playoff showings, but I will give them some slack these last two years have been one we have never seen and hopefully will never see again lets be honest. Capital One Arena (Version Center) has always been a tough place to play in the playoffs and with basically no one allowed at the game it makes a huge difference just look at Nashville and Carolina they had their barns packed to the brim. With crowds like that it just makes it easier to find that level as a player. I personally never played in front of crowds like that, but I did in HS football play in front of 10k and for an average HS football player trust me it gives you that extra momentum and energy to perform.

This offseason will be filled with questions and decisions for the Caps. For one Alex Ovechkin needs a contract which they will make work after the expansion draft because by not having Ovi sign before the expansion draft it allows the Caps to protect one extra forward. Also we will likely see the end of the Kuznetsov era in D.C. in my opinion you let him go especially after this year with all the breaking Covid protocol bulllshit just shows he isn’t putting the team first.

As for our goalies we only will protect one of them VV or Sammy and based on this whole season you got protect VV he put up great rookie numbers and took on the goalie number job well. This could be a toss up though I have no idea what ownership is thinking in this regard.

As a Caps fan we are used to getting disappointed in the playoffs but lets think positive here, we are at least making the playoffs unlike the shitshows that are in Detroit, Ottawa, and Philly. Hopefully we get some speed this offseason and we are gonna see a lot of Connor McMichael in a red sweater next season which will be nice to see because he has been lighting it up in Hershey. Also Martin Fehervary and Hendrix Lapierre both players I would love to see get more ice in the show next season.

But Caps fans regardless its been fun being able to talk Caps this season. Thank you for reading and look forward talking to you all soon if any big news drops regarding our beloved Caps.

Enjoy life getting back to normal this summer gas some beers, watch hockey, and hope the Pens get eliminated by Islanders!

Author: Disco

Rock The Red #ALLCAPS

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