It is Knight Time in Sunrise

Written by WJWhite30

Besides being a future superstar, look at this man rocket! USA USA USA

Spencer Knight did something that Boobtitsky has been unable to do this playoff series, stop a hockey puck!

I was a little worried that it was going to be more of the same old Panthers bullshit when Tampa capitalized on a 2 on 1 within the first 53 seconds of the hockey game; however, Knight rose to the occasion and stopped the next 36 shots leading the Panthers to a 4-1 victory.

In Barkov’s post game interview, he states that Knight “won the game for us”. When was the last time a Panthers goalie did that? I can say with certainty that it was not in the Bobrovsky era.

And for all of the idiots out there, of course I am well aware of the fact that the team will play a more shut down, defensive game when there is a young goalie in net, but the poise and play we saw from Knight last night was anything but rookie.

Knight’s game could be summarized by a pivotal save made late in the 3rd period. Kucherov, on the powerplay, ripped a one-timer that would have made it a 1 goal game and could have very easily brought the Lightning back within striking distance. But Knight was there and made big save after big save.

The big, timely stops were something Bobrovsky was not giving the Panthers. I am not saying this series is all his fault; however, in a playoff run, a goalie will have to make a few of those timely saves and steal you a game. Boobtitsky was not doing that for the Panthers and ended up getting the health-bomb last night.

Spencer Knight now starts his career 5-0 and is the youngest goalie to make his NHL postseason debut in an elimination game. He is also the second youngest goalie in NHL history to win their first postseason game.

Everything I am seeing is pointing to Knight getting the start for game 6 in Tampa and he definitely deserves it. Let’s see if he can hold the Cats in the game one more time and force a game 7. It is Knight time in Sunrise baby!

Thoughts on the Future

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, and no this isn’t a crack at Maroon’s weight.

The real elephant in this room is Boobtitsky getting the healthy scratch last night. That is correct, the $70-million man was up in the press box with the rest of the black aces and guys like Paul Bissonnette.

What does that mean for his time with the Panthers? Clearly Knight is the goalie of the future and he is making a good case that he is also the goalie of the present as well. With the no-movement clause in Bob’s contract, the Panthers are forced to protect him in the upcoming expansion draft unless he is willing to waive it like Lucic did in Calgary.

After underperforming the past 2 seasons and not living up to his big ticket, I personally think Bobrovsky should waive the NMC and hope that Seattle picks him up. It would give him a chance to rejuvenate his career much like Flower did in Vegas. But then again, Russians like cruising South Beach in their expensive, foreign cars so who knows what will happen.

I would like to hear your thoughts on whether or not Bob would be happy sitting backup to a rookie? What is the right play for Bobrovsky at this point in his career?

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