Long Island Heartbreak

After a stunning loss off a horrific bone-head play, the Pens needed to just play well enough to claim game 6 and tie the series. However, like the last few post seasons, the Pens could not make it out of the first round. While the Pens didn’t win, the game did not disappoint, well at least for a period and a half.

The Coliseum was absolutely rocking, even before puck drop. The Islanders fed on this energy and raised their level of play to arguably an even more aggressive level than was seen in most of the series. However Jeff Carter ruined the mood with the opening goal just under 2 minutes into the game. If anything, this shock had the opposite effect on the Islanders who continually dive-bombed Jarry until Beauvillier tied the game with a beautiful glove side shot.

This goal made the ruckus at the start of the game seem like a silver sneakers event. The Islanders smelt blood in the water and looked like middle school kids that crushed the mega bag of pop rocks and washed it down with a 4-pack of redbull. This overdose of energy led to a penalty about half way through the first, after Mayfield crossed checked Malkin in the back. Sure enough, this was the opening needed as Jake Guentzel scored towards the end of the powerplay to put the Pens up 2-1. The Pens appeared to have the upper hand for the next few minutes, but a horrible bounce from Jarry left the net basically open for Palmieri to tie the game again.

The second period picked up where the first left off. Zucker put the Pens up 3-2 with a redirect of Ceci’s shot two minutes into the period, and it seemed as if they were finally able to stabilize their attack. However, the Islanders were just too energized for the Pens. Nelson tied the game at 3 on a bar down shot, and then 13 seconds later Pullock slapped a rocket that allowed the Islanders to take a 4-3 lead.

At this point, everyone and their mother wanted Jarry pulled for literally anyone that could put pads on. To be fair, if DeSmith was not injured, this may of happened. While Pens fans started to have their blood boiling, the Islanders scored. This 5th goal was the point of no return for the Pens, the series, the fans and countless objects that had the unfortunate luck of being within their arms reach (Including this writer).

I can’t tell you what happened in the third. I didn’t watch. Call me a bad fan, a non-die hard, call me whatever you want. The frustration, anger, and disgust was too much to bear. In a few days I’ll do a season recap, but for now, I’m publishing this and finding some way to heal the Long Island heartbreak.

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