Ding Ding! NHL Round 2 Picks Are In (part 1)

So far the first round has been awesome. It seems like every game is going into OT and every game has lived up to the hype. I have to break this blog into two parts because round 2 series are potentially starting before other round 1 series end.

Tampa Bay Lightning -134 vs Carolina Hurricanes +110

Canes vs Bolts

This series is a coin flip. I don’t even know how to approach this one. Both teams are coming off tough series where they played well enough to finish their opponents in 6, even though I thought both series should have been quicker. Carolina dominated and squeaked by most games, which scares me. They just seem to be missing that extra gear. Tampa Bay has been inconsistent too, but beat a much tougher opponent IMO. The line here is spot on. Tampa deserves the edge and I’ll take it. They are a team full of winners and if Carolina can’t give an extra two gears in this round, it could be over quick.

My pick: Tampa Bay Lighting -134

Boston Bruins -225 vs New York Islanders +178

Bruins look to take down the Islanders.

I hate this line and hate this series. Boston is on a roll. Islanders beat a traffic cone in net and it wasn’t easy. Penguins win that series with ease if they have a decent goalie. I really hate taking big favorites, but I think I have to. I have 0 faith that the Islanders offense can keep up with Boston’s. The way the Bruins brushed off the Caps like they were some crumbs on the shirt after eating a Nature Valley bar was impressive. -225 is steep but worth it if you are forced to take the series.

My pick: Boston Bruins -225


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