Avalanche vs Golden Knights Series Bet

Looks like I’m going to do my series bets in 3 parts and right before the puck drop because the NHL scheduling is out of whack. Boston and the Islanders have game 2 of round 2 being played the same time as game 7 in the Leafs vs Habs series. Doesn’t make these blogs very easy to write up….especially hungover in bed from a kick ass wedding.

Colorado Avalanche -200 vs Vegas Golden Knights +160

Flower can be a factor in the series!

The Avalanche are the best team in the NHL right now. But the St. Louis Blues are not the Golden Knights. I’ll admit Vegas didn’t look great against the Wild at times, but Minnesota surprised everyone with how competitive they can be. For me betting is all about the line and I don’t think this is a walk away for the Avalanche. They haven’t been tested yet. They haven’t had to work for a win. If Vegas can slow down that offense and make these game tight and close and into OT, they have a chance. Also dogs always have a shot the later the series goes. The Golden Knights at +160 is a beautiful line. I’ll take it. Never would I have thought I’d get the Knights at such good money. But the Avalanche are just that good and I believe the winner of this series will go on to the Stanley Cup.

My Pick: Vegas Golden Knights +160

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