Betting The Battle of the North

Not many people had Jets vs Habs as the North final match up. If you followed my first blog for the opening round bets, you’d know that I took Montreal and Winnipeg. 6-2 record for the first round and if you threw $100 on every series I picked, you’d be walking away with$608 bucks. Not a bad takeaway for the first round. This is my third blog for the second round because scheduling is now a fucking shit show. I will write down all my bets here in case you didn’t catch my other two blogs for the second round. But let’s talk North Division hockey.

Montreal Canadiens +118 vs Winnipeg Jets -144

Price will be key for the Habs success.

This series is going to be tight. What Montreal did in the opening round against Toronto was impressive. They stuck to their guns and waited Toronto out. They played their game and didn’t try to play run and gun with one of the best offensive gifted teams in the league. They played their series perfectly and it paid off. Jets are going to be heavier. Like the Habs, they will grind this series out. They rely on goaltending and depth. Patience will be key to winning this series. The team that tries to go for a death blow will end up losing. These teams need to play within themselves. This is what makes picking this series tough. Both teams are capable of winning. But I lean one way and here’s why. Montreal are doggies, as they should. The Jets at -144 scare me to death. I honestly think the Jets would have an easier time with the Leafs. So my pick is Montreal. The line is in my favor and for a team that is feeling themselves, has a hot goalie, and stays discipline, they are an easy pick to take in the second round. (Side bet: Take Jets in game 1. Love them in a let down game for Montreal. Also means you could get a nice line for the Habs series if you wait and hope they lose the first game).

My pick: Montreal Canadiens +118

Central pick: Tampa Bay Lightning -134

East pick: Boston Bruins -225

West pick: Vegas Golden Knights +160


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