Golden Knights Got Hot, Avalanche Stay Ice Cold

The Final Four

Middle of June and we are down to the Final Four of the Stanley Cup. Little bit different, its not a Western or Eastern Conference Finals but its playoff hockey! Kickoff starts with a day game between the New York Saints and Tampa Bay Millions.

Anson Carter needs to pick up a dictionary.

The Lightning continue to strike and look like the favorite to win it all at this point. I’m not shocked Colorado got bounced but they were basically swept after losing four in a row and that is surprising.

Playoff post game press conferences are special because we get to hear and see how players and coaches are feeling after a big win or loss. Not every player is interviewed after games and hopefully post game press conferences don’t get canceled after the stunt Adrian Dater pulled.

The matchup between Vegas and Montreal is going to be better than you think. I was wrong when I said Vegas and Colorado was going seven games. Colorado could not handle the size and physicality of Vegas. I figured the speed of Colorado was going to makeup for the size but the Avalanche were worn down. Montreal is a much bigger team than Colorado. Colorado can’t hang with Vegas but the Habs just might.

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