Chuck Fletcher…You Have OPTIONS

Call this a reaction blog, call it whatever you want. But man, Chuck Fletcher has some OPTIONS this offseason. Now, we know from experience with Chuck, and from pain as Flyers fans, that big trades in the offseason only seem to happen when we’re trading AWAY players. However, there is a golden opportunity for Chuck to make a big time play this summer.

As you may know, Vladamir Tarasenko wants out of St. Louis. Honestly? Kinda shocked, but sheesh, I have no problems with putting another big name on the trade board. Obviously Tarasenko has not had the best performances as of late, but he’s also been struggling mightily with injury, playing only 34 regular season games over the last 4 seasons.

However, when this man is on, and I mean ON on, he is an animal. Not counting the last two injury riddled seasons, he hasn’t scored under 30 goals since the 2013-14 season. Seeing as how the Flyers haven’t had a bonafide sniper since…well I can’t really remember, Tarasenko should be seriously considered.

Now a great argument for adding Tarasenko is he has 2 years left at only $7.5 million. With a roster player likely being involved in the trade, and a high cap hit player likely to go in the expansion draft, Tarasenko fits from a financial standpoint.

Then you get to thinking that if Tarasenko isn’t the sniper he once was, it’ll become evident before the Flyers have to re-sign him. If he’s back to form then they have a 30 goal scorer under $8 million for two years. I truly cannot see a losing situation in this. God, Tarasenko even fits the right side of the power play to replace Voracek (assuming he goes to Seattle). Again, this is a win-win scenario.

One issue with going after Tarasenko, is it would come at the cost of going after Seth Jones, whom I’ve already written about. Obviously it wouldn’t make sense to add both of those salaries to the team without some MAJOR moves being made, so we basically have to pick one. Do we hope that Travis Konecny, or someone in the bottom six can step up to support Giroux, Farabee, and Couturier in the goal column? Or do we count on the Flyers defensive corps rebounding and giving Carter Hart a damn chance? I imagine that is going to be the big topic of discussion in the Flyers front office moving forward.

Personally, I would prefer Seth Jones, because I have much more faith in the Flyers forwards than their blue line. That being said, there’s a reason I’m not an NHL GM. If the Flyers do go for Tarasenko and get him, I will be ecstatic, and you’re lying to yourself if you say otherwise.

As always, let’s go Flyers.

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