Guys…Chuck Fletcher STOLE Ryan Ellis

So there I am, wrapping up a Saturday on the golf course when I get the notification: the Flyers have acquired Ryan Ellis in exchange for Phillipe Myers and Nolan Patrick. I am ECSTATIC about this. The Flyers won this trade in every way, shape, and form, and it is not up for debate. Acquiring a right handed, top-2 defenseman for two players who were incredibly sub-par last year is nothing short of amazing.

Now look, I’m not saying Ryan Ellis is like a top 5 defenseman in the league or anything. However, he easily slides into that spot with Provorov on the top 2 pair, and finally gives the Flyers a legitimate top defensive pair. And if he doesn’t fit with Provorov, he can head to the 2nd pair and then the talent is spread out. This is an immediate upgrade on the blue line, and it’s by a lot.

What I love about Ellis is his ability to play a two way game, and do it at a high level. He’s good on the breakout, can walk the blue line, and be the first back to defend the rush. And the best part? He’s only 30 years old and his cap hit is only $6.25 million, which really isn’t that bad considering the expansion draft is coming up. In reality, it’s only a net gain of about $3 million. Myers was making just over $2.5 million and NoPat was still on his rookie deal. Either way, Chuck, what a damn steal. There is really nothing I don’t like about this deal.

The reason I’m so on board with using these players to get the deal done is that while yes, they still have potential, that is simply just because they are young. Anyone who watched the Flyers last year, and has watched Nolan Patrick for the last few, knows that those two have no future with the Flyers. Not to say they don’t have a future in the NHL, it’s just clear it’s not in Philly.

This deal is good for all three teams involved (cause NoPat is off to Vegas), but it’s clear that the Flyers won. Well done Chuck, I cannot believe that the Flyers actually made a good trade. Immediate defensive help, only lose a 3rd line center, and not adding that much to the cap. And to make it even better? Now the Flyers can protect JVR and we still have our low screen on the PP. I’ve fully accepted that we’ll lose Voracek to Seattle, and I’m ok with that. He served us well, and I have loved him as a Flyer, but it’s time for both sides to move on.

I’m honestly just clapping my hands like a maniac for Chuck here. Well done, that’s really all else I can say. Oh wait, I do have one more thing.


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