The Flowerless Golden Knights

The Golden Knights have never played a season without Marc-André Fleury. This might not seem like a big deal and I am not part of Flower’s cult but things are different in Vegas. Starting his career in Pittsburg spending 13 seasons before heading to Vegas and now Chicago? I don’t like the new look but I’ll accept it. 

“I thought I was going to maybe retire in Vegas and finish it out, maybe live there after hockey. So it was a little bit of a change of direction.” Bill Foley did tell Fleury that he was the face of the franchise and would retire as a Golden Knight. This was a surprise to everybody. How do the golden misfits feel about it?

Looks like Vegas and Chicago play three games in the regular season. Two games in Vegas on January 8th and March 26th and then the final home game at United Center on April 27th. Assuming fans will still be allowed to attend games I do plan on going to that game in April.

The offense is starting to shine in preseason. The Sharks won 4-2 but the Golden Knights had goals from Max Pacioretty and Paul Cotter. The Sharks scored the first two goals but Vegas started to settle in after Paul Cotter scored early in the second period. It was a beautiful play in transition where the puck started on Brett Howden’s stick over to Jack Dugan and Cotter put the biscuit in the cheese. I like this new line… and it could be the fourth line if Dugan and Cotter crack the main roster.

In the third period both teams traded power play goals. Following the game there was a practice shootout and the Sharks won that too. It’s only preseason and we’ve just seen Logan Thompson in goal so VGK fans can’t be too worried. Lots to get excited about with some of these new offensive faces. Dad is that you?

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