The Day Before Rangers Hockey Update

We’ve had some things happen that need to be addressed, no?

Mika Zibanejad Contract

Mika is staying in New York and I am one happy camper. It seems like yesterday when I was looking up his hockeydb after being traded for Derick Brassard. I remember how people thought the McDonagh – Gomez trade was one of the best in team history and now you’d have to add this trade to the talks. 

Mika is a 200 foot center that can push the pace of play. After a cold start to last season (COVID implications) Mika came on late and ended up at almost a point per game. He makes the people around him better, can play the half wall on the PPer and you can rely on him defensively as well. We talked about it on the podcast this week, but it’s nice to see how the international hockey community is starting to take notice of this too.

All in all, I think both the Rangers and Mika are happy at the contract given and that’s something I can get behind and something that you don’t normally see. The only people who don’t like this deal are the ones worried about the 2029 draft, so let’s just ignore them. Cool? Cool.

No Captain

All offseason we were told that there would be a captain but they decided to go with 6 A’s. Now, even though I think it was very stupid that they even decided to tell the public this in the first place, I am very content with not having a captain. I don’t think it’s there and I don’t think it just magically comes out of thin air. I can understand that a hockey fan would be upset that their hockey team doesn’t have a captain but at the end of the day you don’t do it just to do it. Do they wait for Laffy? Will they eventually bring in someone else? Only time will tell, but I truly believe that going with A’s was the right move— although maybe we don’t name a third of the team?

Kravtsov Wants Out

I’m going to keep this one simple because I really don’t have time for this. I don’t know why or how these young players come to camp with a sense of entitlement but I’m out on this guy. The talent? Definitely there. I just don’t want the “I’m taking my ball and going home” attitude anywhere near my team. Krav, you had the opportunity to get out there and compete for a spot. The problem that happened was Julien Gauthier was finally given a chance by a real hockey coach and was able to show what he can do when he didn’t have Quinn breathing down his back. Gauthier beat you out and instead of you doing some reflecting and some work to get better, you cry to your agent, to the team, and say it isn’t fair? Bud, wake up, life isn’t fair. To the fans who hate this, I get it. He has a ton of talent and this is the second first round pick who wanted out from NY before their career really even began. Did the Rangers swing and miss on both picks? Only time will tell. 

So how do we feel? Everyone on NYR twitter is hitting the panic button but again, we are a better team right now than we were last year. Kravtsov potentially could be a huge loss but Gauthier could also be a huge gain. Feed me Rangers hockey with a spoon.

Author: Ked

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