Thank God The Rangers Can Bounce Back Tonight

That might’ve been one of the more anti-climatic opening games I have ever watched. We’ve spent all summer trying to convince ourselves that the Rangers would be back better than ever and last night… well last night didn’t look great.

  • The Rangers will have a decent season as long as they keep Georgiev out of the cage. I haven’t felt more hopeless in watching a Rangers goalie since way back when we had Mike Dunham. And no, it isn’t an overreaction to one game. Georgiev hasn’t been good and he hasn’t been good for a while. Remember when he had trade value? Ahh, those were the days. Also, can you imagine the Rangers telling Hank he couldn’t play in the first two games of the year, back to back? Don’t coaches always say they put the team on the ice that gives you the best chance to win? Interesting.
  • Speaking of putting out the best product – There is no reason Tinordi should be playing in a game unless the plan is to go full tables, ladders and chairs. I can appreciate the effort, I can appreciate the toughness, I can’t appreciate minutes being eaten up by that game if he’s not going to do what he’s put out there to do.
  • Knowing your role? I thought Reaves had a good first period but settled down after the countless amount of penalties taken. I still like the guy, but as Sean Avery said, he should’ve beat the wheels off of Wilson and became an instant Rangers legend. Swing, Miss.
  • Swing, miss? I’m convinced 4 of the top 6 forwards didn’t even play last night. Panarin looked like Panarin, Kaapo looks way better, and then after that? Nothing. Kreider had a cool tip on the PPer off of a feed from Strome but everyone was kept quiet. You’d think a guy after signing a contract for 8.5 million dollars coming to the rink for opening night would be more excited, more engaged. Sheeesh. 
  • SiCk GrIt RaNgErS – to these people, do you really think Krav and Nils would’ve made a different when all of your skill boys decided not to show up? It’s insane how much of Rangers Twitter read a blue check mark and regurgitate all of the trash that comes out on the timeline. You know you’re allowed to have your own brain right? The Rangers had a great first road period, and fell apart following penalties and the top 6 going invisible. This had nothing to do with skill vs. grit, this had to do with the Capitals big dogs showing up and the Rangers not.
  • Rangers Twitter is making me hate Buchnevich and I have no reason to hate him.
  • Sammy Blais loves to play hockey, eh? The guy hits everything, has a lot of skill. If he can stay healthy, he could be a very important piece as this Rangers team gains some experience.

The Rangers take on the Stars tonight and I’d imagine that the Garden will be bumping. The Blueshirts should have an NHL goalie in the cage, Gauthier and Nils potentially in the lineup, and a chance to help us forget last night. 

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Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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