Connor McDavid: Owner of the Calgary Flames

When it comes to the Battle of Alberta, no one is better than McDavid

McDavid nets hat trick, leads Oilers' decisive win over Flames in Battle of  Alberta | CBC Sports

The Oilers played a game last night. I’m not going to give a full breakdown of it but, after recording a hat-trick last night, my main takeaway is that Connor McDavid absolutely owns the Calgary Flames. In fact, no Oiler has every dominated their provincial rivals like McDavid has. Here’s a few stats to back that up.

Over the course of his career in Edmonton, Wayne Gretzky averaged 0.84 goals per game, the most with one team in NHL history. Having seen this stat you would assume that he would have been the most dominant player in his the Oilers biggest rivalry but, no Oiler has ever truly dominated the Flames like McDavid does. Despite the lack of playoff success and any other criticisms people came throw at him, it’s games like last night where Connor shows everyone why he’s the best player in the world. There’s not really much else to say here. Connor McDavid owns the Calgary Flames.

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