Larkin Returns, Top Line Shines. Detroit beats CBJ 4-1

The Wings took on the Blue Jackets Tuesday night.

The trend that has made this team fun to watch so far this year continued in this game; Speed, break-out offense/transitions, and grit. Givani Smith initiated a lot of contention with the Jackets, scrums in front of the net, and some pretty good chances as the game went on, especially in the first period. Any time you looked, if there was physical play.. including some light shenanigans, Smith was probably in the middle of it. Love to see it!

Greiss Doing His Best Brick Wall Impression

Thomas Greiss continues to impress with another jaw-dropping save in the first period. After his 40-save performance last game against Vancouver, he looks good so far. The Wings defense was much improved this game, only allowing 23 shots. But he came up big when he had to, giving up just the one goal while the team was short-handed.

Greiss says “no, first goal for you!”

Top Line Continues to Shine.

Larkin, Bertuzzi, Raymond. With the captain back in the lineup, the first line with these 3 players is so much fun to watch. Lucas Raymond opened up the scoring with an absolute snipe piece, first NHL goal (cheers!). Tyler Bertuzzi lit the lamp again to give the Wings the 2-0 lead (bar-downsy, confirmed after video review), bringing his season total to 5. Bertuzzi and Larkin both scrap coming to the aid of Raymond after a… hit. This line, this team. Here we go.

The Wings add 2 empty net goals, so enjoy your curly fries from Arby’s.

Congrats to Lucas Raymond, first of many.

Questionable Hit, leads to Detroit Penalty… PP goal

Tell me if you’ve heard this one: Borderline/questionable hit, Detroit responds, and end up going shorthanded receiving the only penalty called.

3rd Period, Lucas Raymond trying to make a play, leaves himself exposed and takes a somewhat questionable hit from behind from Jack Roslovic of Columbus. Bertuzzi responds in kind, ends up taking a penalty. Results in bad/bad/bad for the Wings. Raymond leaves the game with an injury, he said he felt good, felt okay in the press conference after the game so good there, but Bertuzzi gets a penalty and Columbus ends up with the man advantage and scores.

I do love that this team goes to war for each other game after game but something has to change. This play wasn’t really as egregious as hits in either game before, even though the Columbus player made no effort whatsoever to play the puck, instead chose to roll through the numbers on the back of the sweater, another player leaves the ice injured (technically Larkin left the ice injured as he was kicked out of the game), but still.. c’mon.. no call on this one either!?


I love having two goalies on the intermission team. Ozzie, and Manon. Just sayin’, good stuff. LGRW!

Author: AP Mazza

Red Wings writer for The Morning Skate. LGRW!

One thought

  1. Wouldn’t be surprised to see new injected Redwings to make the playoffs

    I see these teams not making it Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver

    Why well first let’s start with the Flames have 6 players on NMC and with 2 players alone Markstrom and Chris Tanev that is 54 million in 2 players

    Flames are missing elements the Redwings have youth

    Montreal they live and die by the sword with no stability of Carey Price out indefinitely big hole to fill yes Jake Allen can get 25-30 starts maybe even 40 games but that is max no way he plays or capable to play 50-60 games.

    Currently 0-5 there is a lot issues there on both sides

    Now Vancouver Canucks their issues majority is their HC Green has no clue what he is doing tries to run the team as dump n chase but you need speed on the back end and they don’t have it the masters are The Hurricanes but look at their roster.

    And ongoing issue that keeps coming up over and over again special teams also they were horrendous on 5 on 5 only Devils were worst last year.

    Plus again speed especially in the top 6 the only reason they had chance last year in playoffs was Demko

    I see #UselessGreen replacement is Brad Shaw he is defensive specialists worked in St Louis and Columbus he is more hands on I give Green max 20-25 before he gets axed it was colossal mistake to resign him by Benning

    Your thoughts mate




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